Oil Drilling

Claims Resolved Against Oil & Gas Company for Workers Injured in Tornado Oil-Gas-Injury


An oil and gas exploration company has agreed to pay in a lawsuit brought by The Ammons Law Firm on behalf of three men who were injured at a drilling site in the Texas panhandle.

A front moved through north Texas, which produced a violent supercell and spawned numerous tornados. The men were working when the National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado had touched down and warned people to take shelter. Consequentially, the workers were directed to gather at the storm shelter. About an hour later, the “company man” stated the tornado warning was over and all the personnel were instructed to return to work. Based on the “all clear” advisory, the men left the safety of the storm shelter and returned to work.

Then the tornado touched down at the work site.

The men were injured as the tornado tore through the work site and blew the trailer the men occupied several hundred feet from its base. The men sustained fractures, lacerations, and physical trauma from the event. The men suffered depression and anxiety.

One of the men was deemed totally disabled and sought compensation for damages which included over $600,000 in past medical expenses and future treatment and life care costs of over $2 million.

The allegations in the lawsuit against the oil and gas exploration company were that the company’s response to the severe weather was disorganized and not adequate to protect the workers. Attorneys Rob Ammons and Justin Burrow alleged the company had no formal action plan for a severe weather event like the tornado and failed to implement adequate safety measures to mitigate risk of harm.

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