GM Pays Texas Woman Paralyzed by Defective Chevrolet Equinox

Rob Ammons has successfully brought a product liability case against General Motors to its conclusion. In a lawsuit filed by The Ammons Law Firm on behalf of a 37-year-old woman rendered quadriplegic when her 2007 Chevrolet Equinox was rear-ended, Ammons claimed that the driver’s seat and seatbelt of the car were defective and failed to provide necessary occupant restraint and injury prevention.

The woman was stopped in her Equinox on a ramp waiting for traffic to pass so she could merge onto a four-lane highway when she was struck behind by a C10 pickup truck. The woman was found with pain to her upper extremities but she could not feel below her hips.

Chevrolet Equinox

According to Ammons, in the crash, the driver’s seat collapsed and created a ramp. Although the woman was properly seat belted, the ramp caused her head and body to move both rearward into and up against the back seat. As she did so, her neck was compressed and forced to hyperflex in such a way as to cause a spinal fracture and spinal cord injury. Further, Ammons alleged that the seatbelt did not properly restrain the woman to her seat, allowing her upper torso to ramp up the seatback producing all of her spinal injuries. Charges for her treatment exceeded $761,000.00 and charges for future medical care are projected to be between $6.7 million – $11.2 million.

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