Tire Defect

Yokohoma Pays in Fatal Texas Crash Caused By Geolandar H/T-S Tire

The Ammons Law Firm Wins Wrongful Death Case for Texas Family

A wrongful death case brought by the husband of a 57-year-old woman killed in a rollover crash triggered by a tire failure has been successfully concluded. John Gsanger with The Ammons Law Firm filed the suit after a Geolandar H/T-S radial tire experienced a tread separation failure causing the SUV the woman was driving to travel off the roadway and over a drainage culvert before coming to rest on its top. The woman, a wife and mother of five, tragically died at the scene.

In the lawsuit filed against the tire manufacturer, The Ammons Law Firm claimed that the tire design employed by Yokohoma made use of belt skim rubber that was not enriched with anti-oxidants to provide resistance to fatigue. Additionally, it was alleged that the tire’s design did not incorporate durability features shown to reduce tread separation failures, specifically a proper wedge/belt edge design and a full nylon cap ply.

Additionally, the lawsuit claimed that the tire was of advanced age, but because it had legal tread depth and externally appeared to be in proper shape, the woman was unaware that it should not have been in service simply because of how long ago the tire was actually built. The internal materials in tires degrade over time and become brittle, but such changes are not visible from the outside of the tire. Further, no information or warnings about how materials in a tire degrade over time, regardless of whether the tire is placed into contact with the road, were provided to the consumer by Yokohoma. Similarly, no recommendations not to place an old tire (e.g., over six years of age) into service were given by Yokohoma. The tire’s advanced age likely factored into its failure.

The compensation being provided to the woman’s husband is in response to his claims for the loss of her love, comfort, companionship and society, the loss of support and services she provided to the household, and for the mental anguish he has suffered and will continue to suffer as a result of her death.

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