Car Accident

Rob Ammons Files Suit Against Hyundai for Woman Killed Due to Crash

Attorney Rob Ammons claims in a recently filed lawsuit that the restraint system of a 2009 Hyundai Accent GLS is defective and failed to provide necessary occupant protection to a New Mexico woman in a frontal impact crash.

The woman was the seat-belted driver of the Hyundai Accent involved in an intersection collision. The seatbelt pretensioner in the Hyundai failed to deploy, causing the woman’s head injury. Although the woman initially survived the crash, she died ten months later from her injuries.

Ammons alleged in the lawsuit he filed on behalf of the woman’s estate that defects in the Accent’s restraint system were to blame for the woman’s fatal injuries. The function of a pretensioner is simple – it fires immediately upon impact to restrain an occupant properly in their seat to prevent head injuries Ammons contends that the pretensioner was defective in the crash and did not perform its function, causing the woman’s upper torso to slip out from under the shoulder belt.

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