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Two Nissan Altima Occupants Dead in Harrison County Crash

On March 12, 2020, there was a 3-vehicle crash in Harrison County, Texas that took the lives of two people. According to reports, the crash began with a Ford F250 pickup truck impacting the rear of a Nissan Altima. The Altima was pushed forward by the impact into the rear of a tractor-trailer, and the two passengers in the Altima instantly died in the crash.

These types of tragic incidents occur too often on our highways. Associated with every crash like this is another story that is never reported: The story of the loss that the families of the victims endure. Our thoughts go out to the families that lost loved ones in this crash. In many instances, the tragedy associated with this loss of life is compounded by the fact that these deaths were preventable.

Possible Factors Involved in the Crash

Engineers and scientists that study crash safety often say that every crash involves three interconnected elements: 1) the vehicle, 2) the environment (road, weather) and 3) the drivers. While auto manufacturers cannot control the environment or the driver, companies that design and manufacture vehicles have complete control over the crash avoidance and crash safety features in their products.

The description of the crash raises several questions about the design of the vehicles and trailer involved, such as:

  • Could collision avoidance technology have prevented the crash?
  • Did Ford Motor Company equip the F-250 with crash avoidance technology or a frontal collision warning system?
  • Did Nissan design the seats of the Nissan Altima with sufficient strength to remain upright in this type of a rear impact or were the fatal injuries to the occupants of the Nissan caused by seatback failure?
  • Was there an underride component to the crash that caused the deaths of the Nissan Altima’s occupants?

The answers to these and other questions about this tragic crash can only be answered by a detailed and highly specialized investigation. To get all the answers, it will be important to inspect the vehicles involved in this crash and to preserve important evidence that can be easily lost or destroyed. Too often the evidence needed to make a case against an automaker is lost or destroyed in the days following the crash before the family has even had a chance to mourn the loss of their loved one.

Experienced Auto Accident Investigators and Litigators

The last thing that a grieving family needs to worry about is preserving crash evidence that will be needed to hold wrongdoers accountable. The investigation of the crash and the preservation of the evidence is something that should be entrusted to an experienced lawyer that has handled auto defect cases. Our auto defect lawyers at The Ammons Law Firm do not charge for any investigation work or consultations unless we win a recovery.

Most recently, our team handled a similar case to this one, which involved a Kia vehicle that was rear-ended by a Ford truck. Following a tragic seatback collapse, our client suffered a cervical spinal cord injury that would impact the rest of their lives.

With over 100 years of combined experience handling cases against automakers that take safety shortcuts, we have the resources and skills to help if you or your loved ones have been seriously injured in a similar motor vehicle accident.

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