Nissan Frontier

Attorneys Rob Ammons and Justin Burrow Sue Nissan Over Fatal Crash

When auto manufacturers fail to consider the safety and needs of consumers, the results can be nothing short of devastating. As experienced auto defect litigators serving families throughout Texas and beyond, our team at The Ammons Law Firm is often called upon to assist clients whose loved ones have been seriously injured or killed in preventable crashes – and help them seek justice.

Most recently, our attorneys Rob Ammons and Justin Burrow filed a major lawsuit against Nissan, representing the family of an Arizona man who was killed after a rear-end accident in his Nissan Frontier vehicle. In most cases, rear-end collisions should not prove fatal to vehicle occupants, as there are many ways that manufacturers can soften the blow of impact.

Truck Accident

In spite of this fact, Nissan failed to ensure that the 2015 Nissan Frontier was appropriately “crashworthy” in the event of a rear-end accident. According to the lawsuit, the driver’s seatback failed during the collision, effectively rendering the seat and seatbelt useless in protecting the victim. This caused the man to sustain serious traumatic brain injury and vertebrae fracture – and in later months, these injuries would prove fatal.

During a rear-impact collision, drivers and occupants depend on their seats to provide restraint – experts have even stated that a seat is the vehicle’s most important lifesaving device, provided that it stays in place and supports the occupant. When the seatback collapses, however, it is possible for occupants to sustain fatal injuries.

At The Ammons Law Firm, we have won many lawsuits on behalf of victims hurt due to seatback collapses, often securing million-dollar and multi-million-dollar settlements to help them move forward with their lives. It is our goal to hold Nissan accountable for failing to design a crashworthy vehicle, and allow the victims’ family in this tragic case to find peace of mind for their future.

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