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3 Ways to Prevent Plant Explosions

Industrial plants are hazardous work environments with materials that can easily combust. Given their dangerous nature, it’s important for plant managers to mitigate hazards and keep workers safe.

Unfortunately, however, many plant managers fail in this duty and plant workers and passersby get seriously injured as a result. Learn three ways that plant managers can prevent plant explosions.

#1. Post Warning Signs

Warning signs must be placed in areas that all plant workers can see. These signs must be bright, reflective, and clearly marked. It’s also important that these signs be in a language that all plant workers can understand, or designed in a clear visual format that does not require words to convey their meaning.

The failure to post adequate warning signs can lead to a dangerous mixture of hazardous materials or irresponsible handling of combustible materials, leading to an explosion.

#2. Provide Proper Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to train workers in a language everyone understands. This is particularly important in an industrial work environment where workers will handle hazardous materials or operate heavy machinery.

The failure to provide proper training can easily lead to a plant explosion when workers do not understand how to handle materials or operate machinery properly.

#3. Address Hazards Immediately

Broken machinery or spilled toxic materials must be addressed immediately. Leaving a flammable material on the floor, for example, can easily lead to a spark, combustion, and serious accident. Additionally, broken machinery must be clearly demarcated and fixed as soon as possible to prevent accidents and injuries.

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