The Ammons Law Firm LLP Wins Over $1.5 Million for Client Against Lone Star Disposal

This gross negligence case, No. 01-18-01085-CV, was tried in the Court of Appeals for the First Judicial District in Houston. The motor vehicle accident under scrutiny occurred in December 2015 when dump truck driver, Martinez crashed an overloaded Lone Star Disposal dump truck into an ambulance, severely injuring senior paramedic Kwas. Kwas was tending to a patient inside the ambulance, and although her injuries were severe, she upheld her duties as a medical professional and continued to focus on her patient, which tragically further complicated her own injuries and has subsequently resulted in long-term pain and suffering. While this crash happened several years ago, Kwas continues to suffer ongoing medical issues and continued mental anguish.

By applying their award-winning legal acumen, Attorneys Ammons and Gsanger at The Ammons Law Firm LLP were able to show that Lone Star Disposal’s negligence was not just a one-time event. The company had failed more than once to retrain its drivers on hauling overweight loads in their trucks, even after receiving warnings. Therefore, a pattern of negligence was present at Lone Star Disposal, and Attorneys Ammons and Gsanger did not back down until justice was served.

“John Gsanger is an incredibly talented trial and appellate attorney. The brief he wrote made it clear that justice required that the Court of Appeals affirm the jury’s award of both actual and punitive damages. The case citation to the Court of Appeals 17- page opinion Lone Star Disposal, L.P v. Kwas,--- S.W.3d ----,01-18-01085-CV, 2020 WL 2988452 (Tex. App.—Houston [1st Dist.] June 4, 2020, pet. denied). This opinion will stand as compelling legal precedent to support the imposition of punitive damages against corporations that needlessly endanger Texas motorists. I am honored to practice with John and our clients are very fortunate to have John fighting for them both in trial and on appeal.” Rob Ammons.

This is only the latest of The Ammons Law Firm LLP’s appeals won in favor of our clients; in fact, we have won record-setting verdicts and appeals across the United States. Backed by more than three decades of experience, our legal team has recovered over a billion dollars for the wrongfully injured. If you were the victim of a life-altering injury caused by negligence, our lawyers want to help. We will provide you with compassionate legal guidance and personalized counsel during our fight for your rights.

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