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Multiple Drivers injured in truck accident on Highway 63 in Moss Point

Moss Point, Mississippi – Multiple drivers suffered injuries, some serious, in an accident involving four 18-wheelers, including one dump truck and one carrying 127 live cattle. The accident occurred in the northbound lane of Highway 63 in Moss Point, Mississippi, early in the morning on the 19th of August.

The accident occurred near the intersection of Highway 63 and Sarracenia Road. All four drivers were taken to local hospitals with serious injuries. The live cattle involved in the accident were removed from the scene by another truck, and none were injured.

No cause for the accident was given.

Thoughts on the multi-truck accident that left many injured

18-wheelers require special precautions while driving – in particular, extreme caution should be exercised around other 18-wheelers. Prior to determining fault and proceeding with a specific legal strategy, the cause of this accident must be investigated.

Drivers of 18-wheelers should give other drivers a wide berth and not follow one another too closely. While many factors could have come into play in the cause of this accident, it is possible that had greater care been taken by some or all of the drivers, this accident would not have happened. The cause of the accident and the actions of the drivers immediately preceding the accident will help to formulate a legal strategy.

We must determine the condition of each of the vehicles involved. Were the brakes in good, working order? Did the truck have industry-standard safety equipment? Were the tires of each vehicle in acceptable condition? Once the condition of the vehicles has been determined, we must inspect the maintenance records of the vehicle owners. 18-wheelers should be maintained and inspected regularly. If the accident was caused by a poorly maintained vehicle, those responsible for the inspection and repair of such vehicles could be held liable.

It is also important to investigate the drivers of the involved vehicles and their actions immediately preceding the crash. If any of the drivers were distracted by their cell phones or other devices, it could have caused their reaction time to be much slower. Therefore, the distracted driving of one driver could have caused this chain-reaction crash. Driver logs of the operating company should also be inspected to determine whether the drivers had been on the road too long and were too tired to operate their vehicles properly. Finally, if any of the drivers were not properly trained by the company for which they worked, liability could fall on the company.

A thorough investigation of all four trucks and their drivers must be completed. In a complex accident such as this, there could be many issues at play that should be brought to light. The drivers who suffered injuries should be able to hold those responsible liable and receive the just compensation they are owed.. Any impacted party should contact Ammons Law Firm for free help in determining the cause of the crash or how to move forward.

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