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Lawsuit Filed Against SharkNinja after Woman Burned by Exploding Pressure Cooker

GIBBON, Nebraska – The Ammons Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against SharkNinja Operating, LLC, on behalf of a woman seriously injured by scalding hot contents that exploded from the company’s Ninja Pressure Cooker OP300. When the defect manifests itself, the built-up pressure and steam trapped inside the Ninja cause its scalding hot contents to burst and erupt from the appliance when the lid is opened by the consumer, resulting in significant and painful burn injuries. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska under the theories of strict product liability and negligence, alleging the pressure cooker is defective in its design, manufacturing, and marketing.The lawsuit claims that, despite the marketing of built-in safety features, Plaintiff effortlessly opened the lid while the cooker was still pressurized. The lawsuit alleges that the explosion occurred due to the cooker’s defective safety lock and that SharkNinja failed to use a safer alternative design that was both economically and technologically feasible at the time the product was produced. The suit further claims that SharkNinja knew or should have known of the defective condition but chose to put profit over consumer safety by continuing to sell the defective product to consumers, failing to inform consumers of the product’s dangerous condition, and failing to recall the defective product despite the serious risk of injury.

SharkNinja designs, manufactures, markets, imports, distributes, and sells a wide variety of kitchen products, including the Ninja Pressure Cooker OP300. SharkNinja boasts about the safety of its pressure cooker, which they claim cannot be opened while in use. Official media from the company, including YouTube videos published by SharkNinja and the owner’s manual included with the product’s original packaging, claim that the Ninja cooker will remain locked until the pressurized device is safe to open.“There are plenty of mechanisms for preventing pressure cookers from blowing up,” Attorney Rob Ammons, founder of The Ammons Law Firm, said, “unfortunately, many manufacturers of these new ‘miracle’ cooking devices choose not to incur the extra cost of installing them. In their haste to get their product on the market, they forgo testing for dangerous defects, knowing these highly sought-after cookers will sell anyway. This flagrant disregard for public safety must be stopped.”

SharkNinja Operating, LLC

SharkNinja offers a range of home care products and kitchen appliances. The Shark brand sells many kitchen products: from vacuums, hard floor cleaners, and garment care products to kitchen appliances, all sold under the Ninja brand name. The company’s products are sold at major retailers and distributors worldwide.


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