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An SUV driver was seriously injured in a rear-end crash with a semi-truck on I-94 in Jackson County.

JACKSON COUNTY, Michigan—The 40-year-old driver of an SUV rear-ended a semi-truck on I-94 westbound in Grass Lake Township just after 1:00 p.m. on October 18, 2022.

According to initial reports, the semi-truck was slowing down on the roadway to enter a weigh station when the SUV rear-ended the big rig.

The SUV driver was severely injured and transported to a local hospital for emergency treatment. The westbound lane of I-94 near Clear Lake Road was closed for approximately two hours following the crash.

An investigation into the cause of the accident is ongoing. No further information is currently available.

More details are needed to determine whether this accident could have been prevented

Without more information, it is difficult to determine the cause of the crash conclusively. Although some may assume the driver of the SUV may have been distracted while driving and failed to see the semi-truck slowing down, there may be more to this story. Indeed, attorneys at our firm have facilitated the independent investigation of similar crashes, only to discover that the semi-trucks brake lights were not functioning or the truck driver had failed to signal when exiting the interstate. Thus, the injured victim would likely benefit from a more thorough investigation of the crash.

Even though the SUV driver struck the back of the big rig, the driver may not be entirely liable for the crash. If the truck driver did not follow protocol for exiting the roadway, then the truck driver and, quite possibly, the driver’s employer may be held accountable for the accident. Commercial trucking companies must provide their drivers with educational resources and training regarding the proper usage of signals when turning or exiting a road.

Additionally, trucking companies are responsible for performing routine maintenance on their trucks. While companies may opt to have a repair shop service their trucks, it is crucial to ensure that any entity responsible for the upkeep of large trucks thoroughly checks all safety systems, including brakes and lights. If the trucking company or repair shop fails to maintain a truck in a way that makes it unsafe, persons injured often succeed in bringing negligence claims against the company or repair shop.

Experienced personal injury lawyers like those at The Ammons Law Firm can help those impacted by accidents with semi-trucks get the answers they deserve by conducting an independent investigation of the crash. If more details reveal other parties may be responsible for the outcome of the accident, we can assist the victim in pursuing justice through the legal system. Apart from receiving compensation for injuries, the victim, by bringing a legal claim, could also send a message to other trucking companies and repair shops to take proactive measures to prevent the occurrence of similar crashes in the future.

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