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One Person Died, and Another Was Critically Injured in A Crash Involving Two Large Trucks On SH 71 Near Spicewood

SPICEWOOD, Texas—Authorities have yet to release the identity of the two victims of a crash involving two large trucks, which occurred around 12:15 p.m. on October 4, 2022, at 25500 West State Highway 71 near Spicewood, Texas.

According to initial reports, the surviving crash victim was pinned in the vehicle when emergency personnel arrived. That individual was later airlifted to Dell Seton Medical Center by STAR Flight for treatment of life-threatening injuries. Another unidentified person was killed in the crash.

The accident resulted in the closure of State Highway 71 for several hours.

Investigation into the crash is ongoing. No further details about the accident are available.

Further inquiry is required before fault can be determined in this crash

When facing a serious accident such as this one, it is important to determine what happened so the affected families and victims receive the help they need and the at-fault parties are motivated to change their behavior going forward.

The exact particulars of this accident are not available to the public, and the two families may be awaiting answers as authorities continue investigating the crash site. However, in accidents involving large trucks, the sad truth is that there are often many parties interested in what authorities discover because it usually dramatically impacts the liability each party will share in any subsequent litigation. The moment an accident occurs, large trucking companies and insurance providers go into clean-up mode and take all steps possible to limit liability. While the family is left grieving, corporations are left thinking about their bottom line.

This sad reality leaves many wondering what can be done. For starters, it is important, especially in trucking accidents, to have trained legal counsel to advocate for your interests. Holding a wrongdoer responsible for their actions is one of the best remedies to prevent future accidents from occurring. If a trucking company has too many violations, it will lose its ability to be insured and will have to shut down. Alternatively, if this is a company’s first violation, it will take the needed steps to prevent such accidents from occurring in the future or risk losing its ability to be insured. Thus, holding wrongdoers responsible for their actions is one of the best ways to prevent future accidents.

On the other hand, it is possible that this accident was caused by factors outside the control of either the trucking company or the driver. Many times, accidents are caused by road conditions, manufacturing defects, or third-party drivers that leave the scene. In these situations, too, it is important to identify these contributing factors to make sure they are corrected. If a faulty part caused this accident, other similarly situated parts need to be removed from other trucks. Likewise, if it is an issue with the road, the issue must be addressed to prevent other accidents from occurring.

There are undoubtedly families deeply affected by this accident that deserve answers and a right to recover compensation for the pain and suffering they must endure. On the other hand, those responsible should be held accountable to make sure the same actions that caused this accident are not repeated in the future.

We offer our deepest condolences to the families affected here and pray the injured driver can make a full and complete recovery.

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