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The Ammons Law Firm Files a Product Liability Lawsuit Against Omni United Tire for Tire Blowout Accident

EL PASO, Texas – The Ammons Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against Omni United Pte. Ltd. on behalf of a family who lost three adults, a minor, and an unborn child in a crash caused by the partial tread separation of the right rear tire on a Ford Transit Van. The crash occurred when the Radar tire suffered a tread-belt separation and caused the Ford Transit Van to leave the freeway and rollover.

A tread separation accident occurs when the tread, or part of the tire that makes contact with the road, comes apart from the body of a tire and leads to the inability to control a vehicle, causing a car accident.

The lawsuit filed in the 41 District Court of El Paso County alleges that the tire manufactured by China-based Dongying Zhongyi Rubber on behalf of Singapore-based Omni United contained defects where the materials did not have the necessary bond strength to withstand normal use. The lawsuit claims the Radar tire was produced with an inadequate inner liner, poor belt cable spacing, poor joints, inadequate aging resistance, and improper anti-degradants that resulted in the crash.

The suit also alleges that Omni Source United, which imports, distributes, and sells the Radar tires, failed to adequately warn consumers in North America and Texas of the tire’s useful life. Similarly, the plaintiff claims Casa Ford d/b/a Casa Ford Lincoln failed in its duty when inspecting the age, safety, durability, and properties of the tire on the Ford Transit Van.

The lawsuit claims that James A. Yearwood d/b/a Yearwood Tire Center failed in its duty to ensure that the Ford Transit Van was equipped with safe tires within their useful life by not removing the subject tire from service after it was no longer safe for use.

“The safe operation of a vehicle depends on each of its components, and a defective tire has left several families missing loved ones and others with injuries that will affect them for the rest of their lives,” said attorney Rob Ammons, founder and managing partner of The Ammons Law Firm.

Omni United Tire

Omni United Pte. Ltd is an international tire manufacturer headquartered in Singapore. Omni sells more than 5 million units of passenger and light truck tires across the globe annually under the brand names Radar Tires, Timberland Tires, Patriot Tires, American Tourer, Roadlux, Corsa, Tecnica, and Agora.


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