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Gary Ball died in an accident involving two semi-trucks on Texas State Highway 302

REEVES COUNTY, Texas—Gary Ball, 56, died in an accident involving two semi-trucks that also injured another man on August 30, 2022, on Texas State Highway 302. The accident occurred around 5:30 a.m.

Reportedly, Ball was the driver of a Freightliner semi-truck traveling westbound on Highway 302 when the semi-truck crossed over the center line unexpectedly. Ball’s semi-truck hit an eastbound Mack semi-truck head-on. The Freightliner then caught fire.

Sadly, Ball was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The driver of the Mack semi-truck was taken to a local hospital in stable condition.

The investigation into this crash is still ongoing. No other information was made immediately available.

An independent investigation will determine the cause of Ball's passing

There are many plausible explanations as to why Ball’s semi-truck suddenly veered out of its lane. Although it may be easy to assume that Ball was distracted while driving, many semi-truck crashes are not caused directly by the driver’s negligence. In fact, this accident may have been caused or worsened due to a failure in lane assistance technology, a lack of training, poor design, or a combination of these factors.

In recent years, many semi-trucks have been equipped with lane assistance technology to alert drivers when the semi-truck leaves its lane or is at risk of crossing the center line. However, like any technology, lane assistance has been known to fail, causing the semi-truck to veer off-course unexpectedly if the semi-truck driver is not there to immediately correct the malfunction. Here, if Ball had been too reliant on lane assistance technology, its failure may have resulted in devastating consequences.

Additionally, if Ball worked for a commercial trucking company, a lack of proper training may have contributed to Ball’s over-reliance on lane assistance technology or an alternate cause in this accident. Trucking companies are required to provide their drivers with education on the potential dangers of lane assistance technology and various other topics, such as evasive driving and managing fatigue. If the trucking company employing Ball did not offer training to its drivers, Ball may have been unaware of the hazards present in the moments leading up to his death. In that case, the trucking company may have to answer to Ball’s family in a lawsuit for the wrongful death of their loved one.

Alternatively, the crash may have been worsened by the poor design of Ball’s Freightliner semi-truck. We know that Ball’s semi-truck burst into flame after striking another truck head-on. However, Ball may have survived the crash had the semi-truck not immediately caught fire. Sudden fires can be caused by poor placement of the gas tank or other combustible components within a semi-truck’s engine. Should investigators conclude that a design defect worsened the severity of this accident, Ball’s family may also have a claim against the semi-truck manufacturer.

To determine whether Ball’s fatal crash resulted from technology, poor training, a design defect, or something else, an independent investigation into the cause of the crash is needed. Our firm has investigated hundreds of accidents to assist in determining causation. Our experienced attorneys can look through company records, driving logs, and maintenance archives to give families answers and ensure responsible parties are held responsible for any wrongdoing in these kinds of tragic accidents.

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