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Justine Vallez passed away tragically in a rollover crash after a tire failure on I-10

BANNING, California—Justine Vallez, 40, died after her vehicle overturned on I-10 at the Ramsey Street exit ramp. The accident occurred August 15, 2022, at approximately 9:55 a.m.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Vallez was traveling at an unknown speed when her vehicle lost control, possibly due to one of her tires failing. Her car rolled over at least once and went through a freeway perimeter fence before coming to rest in front of a Caltrans storage yard.

When emergency personnel arrived, Vallez was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. No other vehicles were involved.

Investigation into this accident is still ongoing. No further information was made available.

This fatal crash was likely preventable, and responsible parties should be held accountable for Vallez’s death.

Unfortunately, tire failures are a common cause of fatal car accidents across the United States. Although we do not yet know all the details of this crash, there may be a few possible explanations as to why Vallez’s tire blew, such as negligence from a repair shop or a defect in the tire’s manufacturing.

Tire repair shops have a duty to their customers to maintain vehicles safely and make all repairs correctly. In fact, tire shops must install tires in the right direction and be sure to identify the correct tire for each vehicle serviced. If the tire shop fails to install or repair tires correctly, the shop may be responsible for an accident that occurs after a tire fails without warning. Indeed, many consumers are unaware when they leave a tire shop that one or more tires can be dangerous.

Additionally, tire shops are required to make known to the consumer an issue that could possibly affect the performance of the tire. A tire shop that does not notify a customer of a tire issue or fails to perform an inspection in its entirety may also be liable for a crash caused by an unexpected tire blowout.

Alternatively, tire blowouts can also be caused by manufacturer defects. A tire is defective when the tire leaves the manufacturer in an unsafe condition and then is sold to the consumer. Tire defects can affect all different makes and models of tires from all manufacturers, and the defects are not readily apparent to those performing routine maintenance and repair. Thus, in a situation where a tire is defective, an otherwise vigilant driver may be totally caught off-guard by the failing tire. In many cases, tire defects cause the tread of the tire to separate from the casing, causing a stable vehicle to suddenly veer off-course.

Pinpointing whether a tire was defective at the time of manufacturing or serviced improperly requires an in-depth investigation of one’s vehicle, tires, and all maintenance records. Thus, because tire defects are so difficult to diagnose, authorities sometimes overlook the cause of the tire blowout in investigating crashes. To combat this issue, if you or a family member have been subject to a crash involving a tire blowout, it is absolutely necessary that you retain the tire for further examination. Our firm has represented many victims of tire failures throughout the years, and we have attorneys experienced in investigating tire blowout accidents to the fullest extent possible. Our aim is to hold tire repair shops and negligent manufacturers responsible for any wrongdoing and ensure the family receives any compensation they are entitled to under the law.

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