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Two People Injured when a Semi-truck Suffered a Tire Blowout Along Interstate 10 Near Watson Rd. in Arizona

Watson, Ariz. – A truck driver and their passenger suffered injuries after the semi-truck’s tire blew out. The incident happened on Interstate 10 near Watson Road Friday morning.

According to reports, a tractor-trailer pulling two flatbeds with cargo experienced a blown tire and lost control.

The driver of the semi-truck sustained serious injuries, while the passenger suffered minor injuries. Both have been hospitalized.

No further details have been released.

Truck Crashes Caused by Sudden Tire Failure Must Stop

When a commercial truck’s tire suddenly bursts, it might seem like a stroke of bad luck or an unfortunate accident. However, many truck accidents happening nationwide aren’t just chance occurrences—they’re often directly linked to defective tires. These tires should have never left the manufacturers and onto our roadways.

Unfortunately, we’re witnessing a rise in truck accidents caused by faulty tires across the country. We recently handled a case just like this involving an over-the-road trucker traveling through Arizona. As he approached an overpass, one of his tires suddenly failed, causing him to lose control and plunge onto the road below. The crash led to an explosion, killing an innocent man. We assisted the surviving family in pinpointing the true cause of the tire failure and held the tire manufacturer accountable for the loss of life caused by their defective product.

Cases like the one in Arizona are not uncommon. We’re dealing with similar cases involving defective truck tires in various states, such as Arizona, California, South Carolina, Illinois, Texas, New Mexico, and Utah. This widespread issue demands greater attention from regulators and legal professionals alike. Sending truckers across the country with tires unable to handle the journey is negligent and will continue to result in serious injuries and fatalities if those liable are not held accountable.

Tire defect accidents can be complex. One reason is that tire manufacturers try to escape responsibility by blaming the truck driver and the trucking company for failing to control the truck and conduct proper tire maintenance. However, this is absurd and unjust since it is nearly impossible to maintain a semi-truck after a sudden steer axle tire failure, and defective tires can fail regardless of maintenance. When a tire fails because it is defective, the manufacturer is the only party at fault. A firm with extensive knowledge and experience will be the best defense for those affected by negligent manufacturers.

Trained professionals will need to examine the tire in question to determine the cause of the failure. If defects are found to be responsible, the injured individuals deserve justice and compensation for their injuries.



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