Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys

Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys

Our Dallas personal injury lawyers focus their professional careers on helping people injured by another person’s negligence recover compensation for their injuries. This area of the law allows ordinary people the opportunity to hold large corporate defendants responsible for their actions when their products and employees cause serious injury. While many law firms focus on this area of the law, it is important to find a law firm that cares about your needs and takes the time to help you recover both physically and economically.

It is difficult to understand the critical role your attorney will play in your recovery process without experiencing it for yourself. A personal injury lawyer will guide you through the recovery process, help you receive the medical care you need to make a full recovery, and ensure your rights are adequately protected under the law. Unfortunately, many attorneys treat personal injury law like a transactional relationship and only want to make money off your injury. These “ambulance chasers” are not concerned with your best interests and have little care for your ultimate recovery. On the other hand, a reputable personal injury law firm will feel a duty to help you overcome the complex challenges ahead and guide you on your road to recovery. At The Ammons Law Firm, we feel obligated to help our clients receive the medical care they need despite their current financial situation and work tirelessly to ensure our clients are fairly compensated for their injuries.

At the Ammons Law Firm, we have represented catastrophically injured clients for over thirty years and have held some of the nation’s largest corporations responsible for their actions. Like the story of David and Goliath, we don’t back down in the face of wrongdoing until we have successfully helped our clients receive the medical and financial assistance they need to move forward. If you were injured and need help, contact our Dallas personal injury lawyers today.

If you or a loved one were injured or killed in an accident or some other incident, call our Dallas personal injury attorneys today for a free consultation. Our lawyers are known across the nation for first-in-class legal services, resulting in record-setting verdicts and settlements.

  • $82.5 Million

    Plant Explosion

    Ammons’ client was attempting to start a hot oil heater when the heater exploded. A day later, the man died, leaving behind a widow and three minor children.

  • $48.2 Million

    Workplace Injury & Wrongful Death

    The Ammons Law Firm secured settlements on behalf of families affected by a massive explosion that killed two construction workers and injured four others.

  • $37.5 Million

    Product Defect

    The Ammons Law Firm recovered $37,500,000 on behalf of a client who was seriously injured by a defective vehicle.


    “Thank you for everything, this [incident] has been the worst thing that can ever happen to anyone. But thank God we have a great support system. Again thank you sooo much from the bottom of our hearts.”

    – Monica S., Former Client

    “I just want to thank you for all the hard work on my case. The case moved efficiently, and everyone involved made sure my every need was met. I have a new lease on life now because of what you and The Ammons Law Firm achieved for me. Thank you, that’s all I have to try and explain how grateful I am. Thank you for fighting as hard as I fought to stay alive. – God Bless!”

    – Sue R., Former Client

    “Rob fought for me like no man has fought for me. The Ammons Law Firm is a law firm that seeks out justice and righteousness for those who have suffered and I can now move forward in my life.”

    – Joe C., Former Client

    “All the employees I dealt with at The Ammons Law Firm worked diligently for me. I always felt they were compassionate and empathetic towards me having a troubled soul and dealing with emotional issues. I’d highly recommend their services to anyone.”

    – Peter, Former Client

    “I felt that Ammons and his team did a really great job – especially Mr. Ammons. He was the BEST to my eyes! He was very convincing and led the trial – no doubt! It was very easy to follow his reasoning. I never knew if it was the right amount…. Anything less, I felt, would have been a slap in the face. The family deserved it. This was my first case to be on a jury. I really connected to the attorneys and the family.”

    – Alondra T., Former Client


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Hiring a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

At the Ammons Law Firm, we know that an unexpected accident can significantly strain your finances. A catastrophic injury will often impact employment opportunities and lead to mounting medical bills. Because of this, we work on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee relationship means our payment is contingent on the outcome of your case. If we successfully resolve your case and get you the compensation you deserve, we are paid out of your ultimate recovery. If we cannot resolve your case, our services are free, and you do not owe us for the work we provided on your behalf. With a contingency fee relationship, you can bring a lawsuit against the nation’s largest corporations regardless of your current financial circumstances.

For over thirty years, we have helped thousands of injured people in Dallas and across the country recover the compensation they were entitled to under the law. We take pride in holding corporations responsible for their negligence and recovering the compensation you deserve.

Legal Damages Available in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

When you are wrongfully injured, you have a right to recover monetary damages from the wrongdoer for the injuries you sustained by their negligence. In a typical situation, this money is paid by the wrongdoer’s insurance provider.

The purpose of bringing a personal injury lawsuit is to put you back into the position you would have been in had the injury never occurred. Unfortunately, the law does not have the power to do this in a literal sense. No legal remedy will heal your body or bring back your loved one. Instead, the law seeks to quantify the value of your mental, emotional, and physical harm in dollars and cents. As you can imagine, this is difficult and undoubtedly imperfect. Nevertheless, it is the only way the law can provide a sense of justice and encourage wrongdoers to change their behavior.

The actual damages you can recover will depend on the facts and circumstances of your case. However, under Texas law, the injured party can generally recover economic and non-economic damages from the negligent party.

Economic damages are awarded to compensate you for the out-of-pocket expenses resulting from your accident. These damages include the costs incurred and likely to be incurred in the future. Alternatively, non-economic damages are intangible costs resulting from your mental, physical, and emotional injuries. The purpose of these damages is to compensate you for the pain and suffering you have endured during the recovery process. As you can imagine, the value of these damages can be significant and require a trained lawyer to prove them adequately.

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At the Ammons Law Firm, we provide prospective clients with a free, confidential case evaluation that can give you perspective on your situation and help you determine whether a personal injury lawyer is right for you. Keep in mind, however, that when facing significant injuries, an attorney is often the only feasible option to obtain a full and fair recovery. Because of this, talking with an attorney after an accident is often a prudent decision and will ensure your rights are adequately protected.

When you need a law firm that you can trust and a team that you can count on, you call The Ammons Law Firm.

Joe C., Former Client

"The Ammons Law Firm is a law firm that seeks out justice, righteousness for those who have suffered and I can now move forward with my life."
Joe C., Former Client

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  • We Wrote the Book on Tire Defect Litigation

    Attorney Rob Ammons has not only handled some of the most complex tire defect cases but also wrote the book on how to properly litigate these types of cases.

  • Team Approach to Handling Each & Every Case

    Unlike smaller law firms, we have the resources necessary to tackle even the most complex cases. To ensure our clients get the best possible results, we hire industry experts and other professionals to advise on any complex legal issues.

  • Over a Billion Dollars Recovered for Our Clients

    Our seasoned legal professionals have handled some of the largest personal injury claims nationwide and have a strong track record of favorable outcomes.

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