Car Accidents Caused by Defective Shoulders

According to an article published on LegalExaminer.com in 2016, United States highway infrastructure received a very poor safety rating (D+) from the American Society of Civil Engineers. One common road hazard that contributes to this rating is the prevalence of defective shoulders. In most cases, a road shoulder is defective when there is a significant drop off between the road itself and the shoulder. This can and does lead to countless accidents, many of which result in serious injury or even death.

If you or someone you loved was involved in a car crash caused by a pavement drop-off, The Ammons Law Firm can help you determine your legal rights and options. Our Houston defective road attorneys represent clients in shoulder defect claims across the nation. We know how to pursue compensation in these complex cases—our attorneys have recovered over $1 billion to date for their clients.

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How Defective Shoulders Lead to Auto Accidents

The same LegalExaminer.com article notes that the risk of fatality in pavement drop-off cases is as much as two or three times higher than in other types of accidents. But how do these accidents occur, and what makes them so dangerous?

A pavement drop-off accident occurs when there is a considerable vertical drop between the road or highway and the shoulder. When motorists drive over this drop, they can lose control of their vehicles, causing them to collide with roadside objects and/or other vehicles. In many cases, motorists who lose control of their vehicle will over-correct, causing their vehicles to spin out, roll over, or careen into opposing lanes of traffic. This results in some of the most devastating accidents, with victims suffering serious injuries, many of which prove to be life-threatening.

Who Is Liable for Defective Shoulders?

In many cases, the party responsible for road design, construction, and/or maintenance is liable for pavement drop-off accidents. If, for example, recent construction resulted in a drop-off in the construction zone, the construction company may be liable for any accident that results. If a drop-off exists elsewhere on a highway, and there is no signage warning motorists of the hazard, the entity that designed the road may be liable. If wear and tear cause the asphalt to break away, leading to a pavement drop-off, the entity responsible for conducting road maintenance could be held liable.

At The Ammons Law Firm, our Houston car crash lawyers understand how to investigate and aggressively pursue these claims. Depending on the liable party—particularly if the liable party is a government agency—you may have a very limited time to file a claim. Don’t wait to contact an attorney at our firm to learn more about your rights.

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