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Crush Injuries and the Law

A crush injury is caused by pressure on a body part, usually when part or all of a body is squeezed between two objects, called “pinch points.” Prolonged or forceful compression damages muscles, blood vessels, nerves, bone, and tissue. OSHA estimates that about 125,000 workers a year suffer crush injuries of some sort. Approximately 75% of crush injuries affect the legs, with 10% affecting the arms. Recovery is a long-term process, and treatment requires physical and psychiatric care.

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Harm Suffered by Crush Injuries

The harm suffered by a crush injury varies according to the location and quantity of muscle affected and the duration and magnitude of the crushing force. Symptoms may include bleeding, bruising, cuts, broken bones, internal swelling, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and psychological trauma. Injuries to vital organs cause immediate death, but those who survive the initial crush may develop crush syndrome, predominantly affecting the kidneys, leading to renal failure and death. Severe crush injuries are very painful, debilitating, and often deadly.

Under personal injury law, crush injuries caused by a third party’s wrongful conduct are compensable. The injured victim is entitled to a financial recovery in proportion to the harm sustained. Trained crush injury attorneys with experience handling catastrophic injuries can properly value a crush injury and help the victim recover compensation under the law.

What Happens When a Crush Injury Results in Crush Syndrome?

Crush injury is damage to the body from being crushed by an object. Crush syndrome is when a crush injury affects the entire body due to the breakdown of muscle tissue, causing muscle contents to be released into the blood. The magnitude of a person’s crush syndrome will depend on the weight of the crushing object and the length of time of the crush, as well as the bulk of muscle affected. It can result from either a short-term crush by a massive object (like having a tractor roll over on you) or from a lesser-sized but long-duration crush (such as being trapped under rubble from a collapsed building for hours). 

The odds of a crush injury becoming crush syndrome depends on how long the body is compressed (at least 1 hour, generally after 4 to 6 hours). Injuries from crushing are often dangerous due to their deceptive nature. For example, crushed limbs may not appear to be life-threatening but may result in kidney failure and death days later. 

Crush Injuries Caused by Truck Crashes and Other Accidents

One leading cause of crush injuries is truck collisions. Tractor-trailer crashes often result in the passenger vehicle being crushed because of the massive size and weight of the big rig, which “crushes” the car upon impact, as well as its occupants. 

Truck underride accidents, which occur when a vehicle (usually a standard passenger vehicle) collides with the side or rear of a tractor-trailer and continues sliding underneath the rig, are also likely to result in crush injuries.

Accidents caused by defective or malfunctioning machinery are also a leading cause of crush injuries. Generally, these “workplace” types of injuries occur in three scenarios: contact with a machine with moving parts, fall/collapse of construction materials, and contact with mobile equipment.

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