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Three Way Logistics is a trucking company based out of northern California that provides shipping services to manufacturers throughout the United States. Three Way Logistics has branches in Texas. Semi-trucks operating under Three Way Logistics motor carrier authority are involved in truck crashes on roads in Texas.

If you or a loved one were injured or killed in an 18-wheeler crash involving Three Way Logistics, our trucking accident law firm can help you recover compensation for your losses. Our experienced lawyers are compassionate and understanding. We aim to provide you with the individual attention you deserve and advocate your rights under the law.

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Three Way Logistics Trucking Accidents and Safety History

According to information maintained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s SAFER website, Three Way Logistics has been involved in four accidents over the past twenty-four months, one of which resulted in a fatality.

Three Way Logistics maintains a fleet of 53 trucks and 46 drivers. Over the last twenty-four months, the Department of Transportation has conducted 130 inspections, with 53 inspections yielding a violation of some type.

To protect the motoring public and provide an avenue of recovery for a motorist injured in a crash involving a Three Way Logistics truck, the company has reported liability coverage of $1,000,000. Additionally, the company may have additional insurance coverage for accidents that result in damages of more than $1,000,000.

Holding Three Way Logistics Liable for a Trucking Crash

Like all motor carriers, Three Way Logistics must adhere to all state and federal rules and regulations applicable to the trucking industry. This includes all rules promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Under these special rules applicable to motor carriers, Three Way Logistics is responsible for hiring safe drivers, training its drivers in safe driving practices, and keeping its fleet of trucks in a safe operating condition. If these rules are not followed, and an accident occurs, Three Way Logistics may be held directly responsible for the injuries and harm caused in the wreck. Additionally, even if these rules were followed, Three Way Logistics may be vicariously liable under common law or statutory theory of vicarious liability if the truck wreck was caused by the wrongful conduct of one of its drivers.

To determine a viable claim for recovery following a truck accident, the truck crash must be investigated and evidence obtained. Evidence of the crash will provide trained trucking attorneys the information they need to bring a lawsuit against Three Way Logistics and hold them responsible for a wreck caused by one of its drivers. If you or a family member were injured or killed in a truck accident, speak with us. We can help you understand your rights under the law and investigate the crash on your behalf.

If there is evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the trucking company or the truck driver, our trained attorneys at the Ammons Law Firm will bring a truck accident lawsuit on your behalf and help you recover the damages you are owed under the law.

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