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If you were injured in a car accident and believe the accident or your injuries were caused or made worse because of a defect in the car, you need to speak with our Midland auto defect attorneys. Manufacturers of cars and trucks have an obligation to make their vehicles as safe as possible. When these companies make profits a higher priority than safety, it places drivers and passengers at unnecessary risk of serious injuries or death. Auto manufacturers must be held liable for the damages caused by vehicle defects, whether from a bad design, substandard parts, or negligence during the manufacturing process. If you were injured in a car accident caused by an auto defect, contact our Midland personal injury attorneys to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

If you were injured or a loved one was killed by a vehicle defect, contact our Midland auto defect lawyers at (281) 801-5617.

Compensation in Auto Defect Cases

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Disability and disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering

The Midland auto defect lawyers at The Ammons Law Firm handle cases nationwide, helping victims and their families to recover compensation from negligent automotive manufacturers through product liability claims.

Common Auto Defect Cases

We have extensive experience in these often complex cases, including:

  • Roof Crush and Rollover Accidents: SUVs and pickup trucks are a common sight on America’s roadways. Despite the fact that these larger vehicles are marketed as more rugged and safer than passenger cars, the auto defect lawyers at The Ammons Law Firm know this isn’t always the case. A higher center of gravity can increase the risk of a rollover, and poor design can put vehicle occupants at risk of catastrophic injuries or death if the roof collapses during a rollover.
  • Defective Door Latch Injuries: If you’re involved in an accident, a defective door latch can greatly increase your risk of serious injury. A defective door latch can cause the door to fly open during a crash, which often results in the occupant hitting the ground with no protection or even being ejected through the open door.
  • Seatbelt and Air Bag Defects: These are two of the most well-known safety features of any automobile and are meant to protect a vehicle’s occupants during an accident. Millions of vehicles that are on the roads today have defective seatbelts and airbags that would fail to provide reasonable protection during an accident that would otherwise be survivable or not result in severe injuries.
  • Post-collision Fires: Defective fuel systems are often the cause of post-collision fires, which kill and critically injure thousands of people every year. Fuel system design defects can involve the fuel tank, fuel filler cap, filler pipe, fuel line and/or fuel pump shutoff switches.

Get Help from Experienced Midland Auto Defect Lawyers

The nationwide auto defect lawyers at The Ammons Law Firm, a Midland-based personal injury trial law firm, have handled hundreds of cases across the United States. We put our experience and resources to work for our clients, cutting through the complexities of auto product liability law and holding manufacturers responsible for the damages they have caused.

If you were injured or a loved one was killed because of an automotive defect, contact our Midland auto defect attorneys at (281) 801-5617.

  • “I found Mr. Ammons and his associates to be highly qualified ethical attorneys. Mr. Ammons reached out to us often to keep us informed on how our son’s case was proceeding. Mr. Ammons worked to attain the best settlement for us while keeping the best interest of our son in his legal recommendations. Mr. Ammons and his associates are good people and I am very satisfied with the results he was able to attain for our son.”

    – David M., Former Client

  • “We had a wonderful experience working with the Ammons Law Firm. The office staff was always courteous and prompt in responding. Rob’s expertise in our case was quickly evident, and our trust in him was rewarded. He was always open and direct with us and always respectful of our goals and priorities. We are so grateful for all that you have done for us!”

    – Anne P., Former Client

  • “They have been angels. They were committed to the case, they worked hard, they were very respectful and professional. They were amazing!”

    – Mike G., Former Client

  • “They surprised me with how professional they are. They did things for us that I didn’t think could be done. No regrets, this is a miracle.”

    – David W., Former Client

  • “I am very satisfied and would like to thank everyone that worked on this case. Job well done!”

    – Ofelia P., Former Client

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  • We Wrote the Book on Tire Defect Litigation

    Attorney Rob Ammons has not only handled some of the most complex tire defect cases but also wrote the book on how to properly litigate these types of cases.

  • Team Approach to Handling Each & Every Case

    Unlike smaller law firms, we have the resources necessary to tackle even the most complex cases. To ensure our clients get the best possible results, we hire industry experts and other professionals to advise on any complex legal issues.

  • Over a Billion Dollars Recovered for Our Clients

    Our seasoned legal professionals have handled some of the largest personal injury claims nationwide and have a strong track record of favorable outcomes.

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