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The sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one is the most difficult time most people will ever experience. These emotionally draining days are only made worse when the person’s death is the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another person.

People who have suddenly lost a loved one may be wondering if they have legal rights to receive financial damages from the responsible party. The wrongful death attorneys at The Ammons Law Firm can help families at their most vulnerable navigate the legal steps you must take to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

At The Ammons Law Firm, our years of experience representing individuals hurt because of another person’s negligence means we know exactly how to properly prepare your case. Our wrongful death attorneys work with our investigators and the latest technology to recreate accident scenarios to prove liability in court.

Commonly Asked Questions

About Wrongful Death Claims

  • Who cannot be sued in a wrongful death claim?

    A family member cannot sue another family member for wrongful death.

  • Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit?

    The family (also called heirs) of a deceased person can seek financial damages through a wrongful death suit for the loss of their loved one. While states have different rules for who is eligible to file wrongful death lawsuits, a decedent’s parents, spouse, children (including adopted and step-children) and siblings are the most common plaintiffs.

  • What types of causes of death can lead to a wrongful death lawsuit?

    While any death that is caused by the negligent or reckless, unlawful conduct or another person or entity supports a cause for a wrongful death suit the most common are accidents involving automobiles and farm, construction, industrial and recreational equipment. Exposure to toxic substances and chemicals, defective products and pharmaceuticals and intentional acts of violence such as robberies, shootings, and assaults also can lead to wrongful death litigation.

Midland Wrongful Death Attorneys Can Help You

Wrongful deaths are often the result of the negligence, carelessness, or reckless act of another person or corporation. Some common causes of wrongful death are car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, drunk drivers, train accidents, pedestrian accidents, plane crashes, medical malpractice, construction accidents, industrial accidents, fires, and defective products (product liability).

Wrongful death is defined as a loss of life due to the negligence of others. Like most other civil cases, these lawsuits must be filed in court within a prescribed period of time. Courts impose deadlines called statutes of limitations on lawsuits because as time passes, critical evidence may be destroyed or misplaced, and witnesses may be unavailable or have forgotten what they saw.

If your loved one passed away and you want to bring a wrongful death claim against the wrongdoer, contact our Midland wrongful death attorneys today for a free consultation. We have the training, experience, and resources needed to prove complicated lawsuits and recover fair compensation on your behalf.

Midland wrongful death cases can usually be the result of other lawsuits, such as:

Wrongful Death Damages

When a person is killed due to the negligent, reckless, or unlawful actions of another person or entity, the victim’s surviving relatives can file a wrongful death lawsuit seeking financial damages from the responsible party. Wrongful death damages seek to compensate the family for medical bills, lost wages, and loss of companionship (compensatory damages) or are awarded to punish the offending party for their negligent or intentional acts (punitive damages).

Compensatory damages are money awarded by a judge or jury and intended to repay a victim’s family for the costs of medical care, funeral and burial, and other expenses they had to incur as the direct result of the wrongful death. Compensatory damages may also be awarded to compensate a deceased party’s relatives for work income the victim would have earned if they had lived. Lost income can be projected out for decades depending on the victim’s age at their death. Courts have also awarded compensatory damages for the worth of an individual’s housekeeping and child-care services. Also, a damages award might be justified based on grief and loss of companionship.

Unlike compensatory damages, punitive damages are court-awarded amounts exceeding economic losses suffered by the injured family that is designed to punish the wrongdoer.

Some states place limits on the amount of money in compensatory or punitive damages a jury can award to a victim’s family in a wrongful death action. International treaties limit the amount that can be recovered by relatives of people killed on airlines traveling between nations, and an employee’s right to receive damages for workplace injuries may be limited by the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

In such cases, while the amount the worker can receive may be limited, receiving some compensation for work-related injuries is guaranteed.

  1. Compensation for your pain and suffering.
  2. Recovery of loss of earnings of the decedent.
  3. Compensation for your loss of companionship.
  4. Reimbursement for burial and funeral expenses.
  5. Recovery of your present and future financial losses.
  6. Reimbursement for your out-of-pocket expenses incurred.
  7. Reimbursement or payments of any medical expenses incurred.

Contact Our Midland Wrongful Death Attorneys

If you have a family member killed by another person’s wrongful conduct, you need to speak with our Midland wrongful death lawyers today to determine your rights under the law. Our Midland personal injury attorneys are trained in wrongful death litigation and have a track record of success. With over a century of combined experience and over $1 billion recovered for our clients, you can have confidence that we can help your family receive justice after a tragic loss.

If you are suffering after a loved one died because of the negligence of others, you may have a wrongful death case. Contact our Midland wrongful death attorneys at The Ammons Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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