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If you have suffered a severe burn injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation (legal damages) from the wrongdoer (liable party) responsible for your injury. When a person or company is determined to be legally liable for an injury or accident, they are financially responsible for all harm caused by their actions. Our Phoenix burn injury lawyers can help you in this process.

Determining liability and proving damages in a burn injury case can be difficult. A burn injury is often caused by a combination of human actions and mechanical failures. For instance, you may suffer a severe burn following a car accident caused by the other driver’s actions. However, your burn injury may have resulted from a defective fuel line that caused a post-collision fire.

  • Cause of Accident – Human Error
  • Cause of Burn – Defective Fuel Line

Because of the interplay between humans and machines, properly identifying the party responsible for your injury can be difficult and requires trained lawyers with experience handling complex cases.

Legal damages in a burn injury case also present a unique challenge best handled by trained lawyers. A burn injury is one of the most serious injuries a human can suffer, and the effects of the injury are life-long. Because a liable party is responsible for ALL harm caused by their actions, it is important that the emotional, mental, and physical harm suffered, and will likely be suffered in the future, is identified.

This presents unique challenges because you are likely in the infancy of your recovery process and may not understand the life-long consequences of your injury.

  • How has my injury affected my life to date?
  • How will my injury continue to affect my life in five years?

Answers to these questions are difficult to answer and even more challenging to put in terms of money. However, since you only have ONE shot at recovering financial compensation from the wrongdoer, it is essential to work with lawyers that understand the lifelong harm caused by a burn injury. At The Ammons Law Firm, we don’t take this responsibility lightly.

To ensure you receive every dollar of compensation you are entitled to under the law, we assemble a team of doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, vocational experts, economists, graphic illustrators, journalists, and other experts who understand the life-long challenges associated with a burn injury. Working as a team of experienced professionals allows us to adequately capture past and future harm, reduce it to a dollar amount, and hold the wrongdoer responsible for all damages available under the law. There is no shortcut to good lawyering; a severe burn injury requires resources, experience, and a team of industry professionals. Contact our Phoenix personal injury lawyers to learn how we can help you.


Compensation Available for Burn Injuries

As mentioned, you are entitled to recover financial compensation for all harm caused by the wrongdoer’s actions. This harm is known as legal damages and is generally broken into two broad categories:

  • Economic Damages
  • Non-economic Damages

Economic Damages Available in a Burn Injury Lawsuit

Economic damages are best thought of as the out-of-pocket expenses associated with your accident and injury. You have likely suffered significant financial expenses during your recovery process and are concerned about how these expenses will be paid. A serious burn injury typically requires extensive medical treatment, medication, home modifications, and other expenses. Further, during the recovery process, you may be out of work or may never be able to work again. Under the law, these are all recoverable losses that the wrongdoer is responsible for.

  • The liable party must pay for your medical care, lost income, and other out-of-pocket expenses caused by their actions.

Economic damages include many costs that are not readily apparent but nevertheless recoverable. A trained attorney will work with vocational experts and economists to ensure all past and future expenses are properly identified and accounted for.

Non-economic Damages in Personal Injury Lawsuits

Unlike economic damages, non-economic damages account for the physical, emotional, and mental suffering caused by your injury. This is a difficult concept to grasp and an even more difficult concept to quantify in terms of money. However, it is important to recognize that your suffering is a recoverable loss for which the wrongdoer is responsible. To properly account for the suffering you have experienced, we use psychologists, journalists, graphic artists, and other experts to capture your story.

  • You can recover financial compensation for the emotional, mental, and physical suffering you have experienced and will continue to experience throughout your life.

The Severity of Burn will Impact Recoverable Damages

As you might expect, no two burn injuries are the same, and the resulting pain and suffering caused by a burn injury is largely dependent on the degree of burn suffered. Burn injuries are categorized as first, second, or third-degree burns.

First Degree Burns

First-degree (superficial) burns are the least severe, as they affect only the epidermis or outer layer of skin.

Second Degree Burns

Second-degree (partial thickness) burns are next in severity. Second-degree burns involve the epidermis and part of the dermis layer of skin. The burn site appears red, blistered, and may be swollen and painful.

Third Degree Burns

Third-degree (full-thickness) burns are the most serious type of burn. Third-degree burns destroy the epidermis and dermis. Third-degree burns may also damage the underlying bones, muscles, and tendons. Third-degree burns often cause permanent scarring.

Burn Injury Cases We Handle

At The Ammons Law Firm, we focus on serious burn injury cases to make sure that each client receives the care and attention they deserve. Our team is comprised of world-class lawyers and industry experts who have devoted their lives to helping the wrongfully injured.

  • We will provide you with a free case consultation to help you determine your rights under the law and the best way to move forward
  • We will work on a contingency fee to make sure you can bring your claim with NO financial risk

While we handle burn injuries caused by all types of accidents and incidents, most of the burn injury cases we handle are caused by

  • Post-collision Fires
  • Defective Products
  • Workplace Accidents & Explosions

Post-Collision Fires

Car fires can happen for a multitude of reasons, ranging from manufacturing defects like the improper placement of a fuel tank to problems with the vehicle’s electrical system. Since most post-collision fires occur because of manufacturing issues outside anyone’s control, the manufacturer of the vehicle is responsible for the injury. If you were injured in a post-collision fire, it is vital to your claim to have the accident investigated by a lawyer who practices automobile defect and product liability law.

Pressure Cookers and Defective Consumer Products

There is an alarming number of serious burn injuries caused by defective consumer products, such as pressure cookers. When pressure cookers explode, innocent victims are injured. At The Ammons Law Firm, we can help you if you have been injured by a pressure cooker. Additionally, we have represented clients with burn injuries caused by a multitude of different defective products.

Workplace Fires and Explosions

When someone is injured in a workplace fire or explosion, the injuries are devastating. Mounting medical bills combined with the inability to return to work can cause major financial hardships. We understand the enormous physical, emotional, and financial toll these types of injuries take, and we fight hard to help each client receive full and fair compensation. At The Ammons Law Firm, we have represented victims of high-profile explosion cases and successfully pursued negligent industrial corporations to landmark verdicts. If you have been injured in a workplace accident or industrial explosion of any kind, we can help you.

Working with a Phoenix Burn Injury Lawyer

Simply put, at The Ammons Law Firm, we have a level of experience few firms can match, and we will put this experience to work for you. The knowledge and expertise we have developed over the last thirty years help burn victims recover substantial compensation in complicated cases. Our team is here to help you do the same. We look forward to being your partner through this entire process and achieving fair and just compensation on your behalf.

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