Dunlop Tire Defects

Dunlop Tire Recalls & Defects

It was not long ago that Dunlop recalled almost 1,000 tires they produced in the 37th and 38th weeks of 2015 for manufacturing defects. During the production process, an incorrect tread compound was used on some of these tires. The affected tires include the Dunlop SportMaxx GT tires size 255/40ZR19 100Y XL and will have one of the following DOT numbers on the sidewall:

  • DN5W JC1R 3715
  • DN5W JC1R 3815

If you believe you have been affected by this recall or any defective tire, contact the Houston tire defect attorneys at The Ammons Law Firm for a free consultation: (281) 801-5617.

The Dangers of an Incorrect Tread Compound

The rubber compound used to manufacture a tire is incredibly important. Without the correct compound, a tire’s components may not stay together while the tire is being used on the road. This issue can result in tread separation or other tire failures. When the tread of a tire separates, the tire may rapidly deflate, which can then result in a driver losing control of his or her car and being involved in an accident.

The use of the incorrect compound also significantly reduces the tire’s wet grip performance, which presents another road safety risk.

As a remedy for the problem, Dunlop will replace the affected tires for owners at no cost.

How to Report a Potential Tire Defect

A tire manufacturer may sometimes catch flaws in the design and construction of one or more of its tires before there are consumer complaints. But a number of recalls have been issued because consumers proactively reported problems with their tires.

Consumers can report a suspected dangerous tire by calling the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) at 1 (888) 237-4236 to report any suspected tire defects. You may also file an online safety complaint at their website,

NHTSA will look into the reports made by consumers. If it is determined that the tires are unsafe, this association has the power to demand that a tire be recalled.

When to Contact The Ammons Law Firm

The process for replacing a tire when it has been recalled is fairly straightforward:

  • You are notified of the defect
  • You call the manufacturer to find out how they will remedy the situation
  • You visit a tire dealer or car dealer and have your tires replaced for free

But not all defects are found and made the subject of recalls. Based out of Houston, Texas, The Ammons Law Firm serves all of the United States; we can help you identify whether your failed tire may have had a hidden defect. We understand that the thought of taking on a multi-million dollar tire manufacturing company can be daunting—but our Houston tire defect lawyers have the resources and the experience necessary to investigate your potential claim.

To discuss your situation for free with an attorney at our firm, please call us today at (281) 801-5617.

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