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The Ford/Firestone tire dilemma may have occurred in the first few months of the 21st century, but very few in the industry have forgotten about it. In 1998, a case involving the failure of a Firestone tire on a Ford Explorer crossed the desk of a tire defect attorney in Florida. Then another almost identical case was received. Then another. It was clear that a trend was developing.

Before the recall went into effect, there were 46 deaths and more than 300 incidents involving Firestone tires which would “shred” on the highway. Six and a half million tires were recalled, with most of them being mounted on Ford vehicles—Explorers and some Ford light trucks, including the Ranger. The affected Firestone brands included certain North American-made Radial ATX II and 15-inch Radial ATX tires and Wilderness AT tires with the product code P235/75R15.

If you or a loved one were injured or killed in an accident involving a Ford vehicle caused by a defective tire, contact the tire defect attorneys at The Ammons Law Firm. Our trained attorneys can help you hold Ford and the tire manufacturer responsible for your injuries.

Rollovers & Substantial Injuries

Numerous lawsuits were filed against Firestone for its defective tires. By mid-2000, Ford Explorer rollovers had resulted in more than 200 deaths and over 700 injuries in the United States following tread separations in its Firestone tires. Some of these tires were shown to have fallen apart in less than 2,000 miles of wear and at a speed of only 20 miles per hour.

Recall Ends Ford/Firestone Relationship

Ford and Firestone have a long relationship dating back to 1906 when Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone met. The two would often go on holiday with one another, and each helped the other thrive in the automobile industry.

As the cases against both Ford and Firestone mounted, Firestone claimed that the problem was not only the tires. The company blamed Ford’s most profitable line—the Explorer—as part of the problem. Ford pledged to replace all Wilderness AT tires at no cost to their customers. At that point, Firestone decided to end its relationship with Ford.

Recent Tire Issues with Ford Vehicles

In the late summer of 2016, another vehicle/tire-related issue came to light. Ford stated that over 2,200 F-Series Super Duty Truck tires could have damaged sidewalls which could rupture at any point while driving. The affected vehicles are in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

What to Do If You Have a Defective Tire

If you believe you have a defective tire, it is important that you report it so it can be further investigated.

Before you make a report, you will need the following information:

  • The brand of the tire
  • The tire line
  • The size of the tire (i.e., P235/75R15)
  • The DOT Number for your tire or “TIN” (this is on the sidewall of your tire)

Contact the manufacturer to report the issue and find out what remedies may be available to you. Drivers can also report defective tires at the website

What to Do If You Are Hurt Due to Tire Failure

If you or a loved one has been injured because of a defective tire or tire failure, you should contact The Ammons Law Firm for a free evaluation. Our tire defect attorneys have the resources necessary to investigate your claim. Our firm devotes 100% of our practice to helping victims, and we are available to handle cases across the entire United States.

We offer free consultations to victims of defective tires. Call us today at (281) 801-5617 to speak to a defective tire attorney in Houston today.

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