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Pep Boys Tire Recalls & Lawsuits

In March 2009, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that a select number of Definity Dakota H/T tires designed and manufactured by Cooper Tire and exclusively sold by Pep Boys did not comply with federal standards. The affected tires were size 245/70R17 and made between November 15 and November 28, 2009. The affected tires failed to meet tire endurance and low inflation pressure performance requirements.

During testing, some of the tires started to develop “tread chunking” or cracking in the shoulder area. This condition may result in tire failure, which can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle. This recall was part of a larger recall by Cooper Tire. If you suffered injuries because of a tire blowout, call our attorneys to make sure you receive the help you need to move forward.


Are Your Tires Affected?

You can find out if your tires are affected in a number of ways:

  • Search the NHTSA database for the latest information about investigations and recalls
  • Contact the manufacturer

If your tire has been recalled, the manufacturer will correct the problem at no cost to you. In most cases, the tire can be exchanged at any authorized tire dealer (in this case, this would be a Cooper Tire authorized dealer). You will frequently have to take advantage of the exchange problems within a limited amount of time after receiving notice of a recall.

Does a Tire Need to Be Recalled to Take Legal Action?

Just because a tire has not been recalled does not mean that it is not defective. A tire may have a hidden defect that has not yet been found.

A defective tire can cause serious injuries to drivers, passengers, and other people on the road. According to Consumer Watch reports, there are over 10,000 injuries and 500 or more deaths related to tire failure alone.

Common injuries include:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Burns

Tire-related accidents are largely avoidable if a tire manufacturing company holds the safety of its customers as a top priority. The Ammons Law Firm has made it our mission to ensure that tire manufacturers are held responsible for negligence so that needless accidents will stop happening on our nation’s roadways.

The Ammons Law Firm Can Help You

Our Houston tire defect lawyers are proud to have won over $1 billion in settlements and verdicts for victims of negligence. Although we are based in Houston, Texas, we provide skillful representation to injured individuals throughout the entire United States.

Whether you have been injured because of a defective tire on your vehicle or because of a tire that failed on another vehicle, we want to hear from you.

Call us today to discuss a free case evaluation with one of our Houston tire defect attorneys at (281) 801-5617.

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