Attorney Rob Ammons Files Lawsuit Against Drunk Driver after Hit-and-Run Collision

A young Texas man was killed when he was hit by a college student leaving a Houston nightclub in her parents’ SUV. The girl fled the scene but was arrested in the parking lot of a nearby business.

Rob Ammons filed suit on behalf of the fatally injured man’s mother and father against the student and her parents who entrusted the vehicle to their underage daughter on the evening of the tragedy. The student had consumed a number of alcoholic beverages – first at a residence and then at a nightclub – before making the decision to drive in an impaired state. Following the collision, she was criminally charged, her blood alcohol level is a reported 0.17. In the lawsuit, it is claimed that the student’s parents knew she would be drinking that night and were also aware that she was taking a number of prescription medications that could impair her ability to operate a vehicle safely.

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