Continental Tire and Ford Pay in Fatal Rollover

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully negotiated the settlement of wrongful death against Continental Tire The Americas and Ford Motor Company. The case involved a rollover crash in which two male passengers, ages 34 and 24, were killed. One man left behind his wife, his three minor children, and his parents. The other was survived by his parents.

The rollover occurred as the men were traveling to Mexico in a 2002 Ford Explorer to visit family. When the left rear tire on the vehicle experienced tread separation, the Explorer was careened into a concrete barrier and then skidded across the traffic lanes, rolling over.

The tire that failed and precipitated the accident was a Continental Contitrac tire built by Continental. The Explorer that rolled over was designed and manufactured by Ford.

In the lawsuit filed on behalf of family members surviving the two men, Ammons claimed that the Contract tire was defective in design and manufacture. According to Ammons, multiple areas of the brassy wire cord, which indicate poor bonding and adhesion of the tire’s components, were evident on the tire. Additionally, the tire was not designed with a feature proven to offer effective resistance to failure through tread separation: a full nylon cap ply.

With respect to the Explorer, Ammons claimed that the vehicle was designed with an exceptionally weak roof that could easily collapse under the loaded vehicle’s weight, compromising the safety cell around the Explorer’s occupants. Ammons contended that the collapsing roof caused the men’s fatal injuries.

The Defendants insisted that the settlement amounts be kept confidential.

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