Tire Defect Attorney Rob Ammons Files Suit Against Michelin After Tire Failure Causes Fatal Wreck

A California man was killed and his son seriously injured when the catastrophic tire tread separation failure of a Michelin tire caused his vehicle to travel into the path of oncoming traffic.

The tire was a Michelin LTX A/T2 designed and manufactured by Michelin North America, Inc. In the lawsuit brought on behalf of the man's wife and children, Rob Ammons claims the LTX A/T2 tire was constructed using inadequate materials and processes. It is alleged in the lawsuit that the tire exhibits a dangerous lack of bonding between its steel and rubber components and that the tire was assembled improperly and with irregular spacing between the steel belts, compromising the strength of the tire. Ammons also claims the tire was designed without the features necessary to make it durable and capable of resisting failure through the separation of the tread from the tire's carcass.

According to Ammons, "The goal of automotive tire manufacturers should be to design and build its tires to deliver to consumers not only performance, but also safety. When a tire fails and injures or kills someone because a company chooses not to utilize known and affordable technology to make it safer or when it carelessly assembles the tire's components but still allows the tire to be sold, the manufacturer has got to be held responsible."

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