Chrysler Pays in GEN 3 Buckle Case

A settlement was reached between The Ammons Law Firm and Chrysler in a product liability case brought by a 51-year-old Houston woman catastrophically injured in a crash.

The lawsuit brought by The Ammons Law Firm on behalf of the injured woman against Chrysler cites defects in her family’s 2001 Chrysler Town & Country minivan for having caused those injuries.

The injured woman was wearing her seatbelt as she occupied the third-row center seat of the minivan. When the minivan was struck by a pickup that ran a red light, it left its lane of travel and struck a traffic sign and pole. During the incident, the woman was thrown from the minivan, causing her to suffer life-changing head and spine injuries.

The defect allegations involved the seatbelt’s buckle which has a release button so prominent and so exposed that it can be easily hit by objects or an occupant’s body during a crash. That contact results in the seatbelt unlatching and no longer being able to restrain the occupant or even keep the occupant inside the vehicle.

Ammons also claimed that Chrysler knew this particular type of buckle was prone to unintentional and undesired unlatching because it had done just that in crash testing and had also been reported by consumers to have unlatched in real-world collisions. Chrysler updated the buckle’s design, but chose to use the updated buckle in only some of its vehicle models and at only some of the seating positions. The Town & Country’s third-row center seat was not among those Chrysler chose to be equipped with the updated buckle.

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