Product Defect Attorney Rob Ammons Concludes Suit Against Ford and Cooper Tire after Fatal Rollover

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully concluded a wrongful death case against Ford and Cooper Tire on behalf of the wife, children, and parents of a 39-year-old Texas man killed in a rollover crash.

The rollover occurred in Mexico when a rear tire – a Futura Adventurer – on the 2000 Ford F150 the man was driving experienced tread separation. The F150 rolled over, and the man suffered fatal injuries.

Rob Ammons brought a lawsuit against Ford and Cooper Tire on behalf of the man’s grieving family, claiming that the F150’s roof structure and seat belts were defective and incapable of offering reasonable protection to the man as his pickup rolled. According to Ammons, the roof deformed downward and inward over the man’s head, severely compromising his occupant survival space.

The man sustained fatal skull and brain injuries as a direct result of interacting with the collapsing roof. Ammons also alleged that had the man’s seat belt functioned effectively to limit his movement out of and away from the seat, his interaction with the collapsing roof would not have been as severe and he very possibly would have survived.

With respect to the failed tire, the lawsuit contained allegations that Cooper Tire used improper materials and processes in manufacturing the Futura Adventurer and that workers failed to properly place the belts within the tire as it was being built. The undesirable and out-of-spec variances in its components served as stress concentrators that invited failure of the tire during regular use. Ammons also alleged that the tire was designed without the durability and safety features necessary to prevent the progression of belt and tread separation.

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