Workers Injured in Explosion Win Compensation

The Ammons Law Firm won compensation in a negligence lawsuit filed on behalf of three workers injured in a series of explosions at a hydrocarbon storage facility in Mont Belvieu, Texas.

Two of the injured men were ironworkers, the other a crane operator, who were located in an enclosed lunch tent at a plant adjacent to the storage facility. As the workers were taking their lunch break, maintenance operations at the hydrocarbon storage facility next to their workplace resulted in the rupture of a pipe header that was pressurized and actively carrying a liquid ethane/propane mix. The rupture set off a series of chemical explosions that destroyed that facility and killed one. The three workers Ammons represented were injured in attempting to escape the lunch tent during the explosions and make their way to safety.

The lawsuit Ammons filed for the injured workers contained allegations that the pipeline transportation and storage company was negligent and grossly negligent in failing to enact and enforce appropriate maintenance and safety rules, regulations and practices, in failing to safely conduct maintenance operations at the facility, and in failing to evaluate the risks of the maintenance work being conducted at the time the explosions were caused to occur.

“Only when management makes a sincere commitment to safety can injury-producing events like these Mont Belvieu explosions be effectively avoided,” said Ammons. “The pipe header that ruptured and set off these explosions should not have been pressurized while these particular maintenance operations were underway.”

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