Coca-Cola Pays After Arkansas Crash Kills Navy Veteran

The Ammons Law Firm successfully negotiated the settlement of a wrongful death claim brought on behalf of the mother of a 42-year-old man killed when a Coca-Cola 18-wheeler struck the motorcycle he was operating.

After its driver failed to negotiate a curve, the 18-wheeler entered the oncoming traffic lane where it struck the motorcycle, throwing its operator, a Navy veteran, off and killing him.

Ammons claimed that the Coca-Cola employee driving the tractor-trailer was negligent in failing to control the rig, failing to keep a proper lookout, failing to safely negotiate a curve and driving at an excessive and unsafe speed. That driver was issued a citation for careless/prohibited driving and for driving left of center. According to the crash report, the driver admitted at the scene to coming around the corner too fast such that he crossed the median divider.

Because the truck driver was in the course and scope of his employment with Coca-Cola at the time of the incident, his employer is legally responsible for his negligence that caused the crash and the motorcyclist’s death. Ammons claimed that in addition to being responsible for its driver’s negligence, Coca-Cola may also be negligent in training and monitoring its drivers’ conduct to ensure those sharing the roadways with them are not placed at unnecessary risk. A local newspaper article written about the crash noted that this was the second accident involving a Coca-Cola rig at this location within just a few months’ time .

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