Chrysler Compensates Victims of Collapsing Jeep Liberty Roof

Rob Ammons has achieved resolution of the product defect claims brought by two Arizona women against Chrysler for defects in a 2003 Jeep Liberty that rolled over. The women suffered life-altering injuries when the Liberty’s roof collapsed over their seats in the crash.

The claims were rooted in the Liberty’s weak roof which was incapable of preserving the occupants’ survival space in a rollover. According to Ammons, inclusion of closed header sections, thicker sheet metal or foam filled pillars in the Liberty’s roof would have made it strong enough to withstand the rollover without intruding into the safety cell around the Liberty’s occupants. The excessive roof crush also placed the Liberty’s seat belts at a distinct disadvantage for offering any meaningful injury prevention benefits to occupants by introducing significant slack into the pillar-mounted belts as the structure collapsed.

The Liberty’s driver suffered numerous traumatic injuries including debilitating fractures to her spine, ribs and wrist, lung contusions, a vertebral artery dissection and other vascular injuries, a lacerated spleen and a shoulder separation. Her past medical expenses totaled $653,000 with projected costs of $1.9 Million for future treatment and lifetime care. The right-front passenger suffered a traumatic brain injury as well as facial and neck fractures, which resulted in medical treatment charges totaling some $130,000.

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