Rollover Attorney Rob Ammons Secures Compensation from Mitsubishi after Fatal Texas Crash

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully concluded a wrongful death case against Mitsubishi on behalf of the mother of a University of Houston student killed at the age of 20 when the 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor in which she was riding rolled over.

The college student was the right front passenger in the Endeavor. When the vehicle’s driver was unable to negotiate a curve, the Endeavor left the roadway and rolled over. Although the student was properly wearing her seat belt, her head was partially ejected from the vehicle during the roll, causing critical head and neck injuries.

Wrecked car in woods

Two weeks later, and after $300,000 worth of medical treatment, the young woman died. The medical examiner cited “complications of blunt force craniocervical injury” as the cause of her death.

In the lawsuit, Rob Ammons claimed that the pillar-mounted seat belt system in combination with the lack of a rollover-activated side curtain airbag caused the fatal injuries sustained during the partial ejection. A seat-integrated (also known as all-belts-to-seat or ABTS) belt system equipped with a feature that would lock the belt’s webbing would have been safer in that it would have limited occupant head excursion or movement. In combination with such a seat belt system, a rollover-activated side curtain airbag would have prevented partial ejection—a foreseeable event in a rollover crash—of this young woman’s head, thus preventing her death.

The mother she left behind sought wrongful death damages and was compensated through a confidential settlement reached between the parties.

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