Rollover Attorney Rob Ammons Resolves Claims against Ford after Wyoming Crash

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully negotiated resolution of personal injury claims brought by a Wyoming man, age 39, seriously injured when a 2001 Ford F250 rolled over.

The man was the front passenger in the F250 traveling on a Wyoming highway when the driver encountered icy conditions. The pickup skidded off the roadway where its tires dug into soft dirt and the vehicle rolled over, coming to rest on its roof. During the rollover, the F250’s roof collapsed.

Collapsed roof of truck

Ammons contended that the F250 is not crashworthy in rollover accidents, meaning occupants of the vehicle can suffer extra injuries unnecessarily in such events. In the case of the injured Wyoming man whose occupant survival space within the F250’s cab was seriously compromised by the intruding roof structure, compression forces were applied to his neck, resulting in fractures as well as injury to cervical ligaments.

An operation to fuse the man’s cervical spine was required. $154,000 in medical expenses were incurred, and he will not be able to return to his prior physically-demanding job in the oilfield. Resolution of his claims will help provide for his needs going forward. The loss of earning capacity claim was for $1.5 Million.

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