Temporary Restraining Order Obtained to Preserve Evidence From Coryell Memorial Hospital Explosion

Coryell Memorial Hospital Explosion

Attorneys for Wilber Dimas were granted a temporary restraining order to preserve evidence in the aftermath of the Coryell Memorial Hospital explosion that claimed the lives of two workers and left over a dozen critically injured.

Attorneys Rob Ammons of The Ammons Law Firm in Houston and Jim Dunnam of Dunnam & Dunnam in Waco requested the Court order for all of the companies involved in the explosion “to cease all efforts that alter, destroy, or otherwise fail to preserve explosion evidence immediately.”

“Workers have indicated they are actively engaged in altering the hospital premises where the explosion occurred,” said attorney Rob Ammons. “These alterations to the explosion site are going forward despite the fact that the Occupation Safety and Health Administration and Railroad Commission of Texas and others are investigating the explosion and those investigations are not yet concluded.”

Electrician Mr. Dimas was one of the severely burned in the explosion and remains in Intensive Care with 70 percent of his body burned. Michael Bruggman, a 43-year-old Lochridge-Priest employee, died at the scene. A second worker, 36-year-old Filiberto Morales employed by Network Controls, suffered fatal concussion-related injuries last Thursday.

Preliminary findings indicated a construction-related accident ignited a natural gas explosion that occurred in the hospital’s central plant boiler room. The investigation is still ongoing as to the cause of the explosion.

Ammons and Dunnam sought an order to ensure Mr. Dimas, and all the victims can have access to the truth about what caused the explosion.

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