Another Defective Chrysler Airbag Prompts Lawsuit

The Ammons Law Firm has filed suit on behalf of a young Texas woman who sustained serious injuries when the Chrysler 300 Touring in which she was driving was involved in a minor collision. Attorneys Rob Ammons and Justin Burrow have filed suit against FCA US, LLC formerly known as Chrysler Group, LLC. The lawsuit cites defects in the 2008 Chrysler 300 Touring’s frontal airbag system.

Following a relatively minor collision, the frontal airbag blew up like a hand grenade expelling metal shrapnel into the young woman’s face, breaking her nose and jaw, and leaving her with multiple lacerations to her cheeks, neck and chest. The lawsuit alleges that the airbag system in the Chrysler 300 was manufactured by Takata Corporation and sold to Chrysler Motors and FCA in a defective condition, containing an explosive inflator that blew up and shot shrapnel at the driver in the crash.

Image of a deployed airbag

To date, approximately 37 million vehicles with an estimated 50 million defective inflators have been recalled in the United States, with an estimated 65 – 70 million scheduled to be recalled by December 2019. Over 100 million vehicles with Takata’s airbags have been recalled worldwide, and there are reports that additional vehicles that have not yet been disclosed could join the list of recalls. The large majority of those recalls have come only recently despite the fact that many of the vehicles were manufactured with a potentially defective and dangerous airbag over a decade ago.

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