Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed After Man Dies in Ambulance Crash

On behalf of the parents and children of a Texas man who suffered fatal injuries, attorneys Rob Ammons and Adam Milasincic have recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a medical transportation provider and its driver.

The man was a patient being transported in an ambulance to a hospital with a higher level of care when the driver of the ambulance drove through a red light without the ambulance’s sirens activated. When the ambulance entered the intersection, it was struck by a pickup truck traveling through the green light.

Ambulance crash

The lawsuit alleges that the driver of the ambulance committed acts of negligence by driving through an intersection on a red light without ensuring it was clear and safe to do so, as well as being inattentive, failing to timely apply her brakes, and driving at too great a speed for the circumstances. Further, the lawsuit claims that the ambulance driver’s employer is responsible for its driver’s negligence.

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