The seatback collapsed rearward as it also twisted toward the driver’s side.

Fatal Crash Prompts Lawsuit Against Ford Motor Company

On behalf of the parents who lost their daughter in a rear-end collision, Attorneys Robert Ammons and Adam Milasincic have filed suit against Ford Motor Company. The 37-year-old woman was traveling as a passenger in her mother’s 2010 Ford Expedition when it was unexpectedly struck from behind by a 2015 Mercedes-Benz 350. The lawsuit claims that defects in the Expedition’s seating system caused the death of the young woman.

Specifically, the lawsuit claims that the Ford Expedition simply was not crashworthy. The allegations against Ford state that the front passenger’s seating system was defectively designed since, if the vehicle is hit from behind, the passenger seat collapses rearward and twists toward the driver’s side. Further, the lawsuit states that there were safer alternative designs that would have either prevented or significantly reduced the injuries to the woman without substantially impairing the seat’s utility. Attorneys Ammons and Milasincic contend that the front passenger’s seating system was weak, subject to collapse, and inadequate to provide proper occupant restraint and protection in the event of a foreseeable rear-end collision.

Tragically, The Ammons Law Firm LLP declares that the defective condition of the seating system was the reason the young woman lost her life in this crash.

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