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Tire Blowout on US 75, Plano, Leads to Rollover Crash – Injures One.

Plano, Texas – The Plano Police Department has announced the reopening of all southbound lanes from Spring Creek to Park Boulevard on US 75 following a serious crash that occurred on Monday afternoon. The incident, which caused significant traffic disruptions, involved a truck carrying watermelons.

According to authorities, the crash took place at approximately 1 p.m. on southbound US 75 at Parker Road. Debris, including watermelons, was strewn across the roadway. 

An investigation by the Plano Police Department found that the truck, driven by a 67-year-old man, was en route to Oklahoma with a load of watermelons when the front tire blew out. The driver, trying to regain control, overcorrected, causing the truck to collide with the median before striking a light pole and rolling over. 

The driver of the truck was injured and transported to an area hospital for treatment. The passenger was uninjured. 

If the tire failed because of a third party, the injured may have a right to recover compensation for their injuries.

 This crash was clearly caused by a sudden tire failure. Motorists injured in crashes caused by a tire failure may wish to have the crash investigated to determine if a third party is responsible for the crash. Tire manufacturers and tire repair companies are responsible for crashes caused by tire failure when their actions cause the tire to fail. 

Tire failure crashes happen all the time. Some are caused by tires that were produced with defects. A tire can be defective for any number of reasons. When a tire fails because of a defect, the tire manufacturer is responsible for compensating the injured motorist for the injuries and damages suffered in the crash. 

Likewise, if a tire fails because it was not properly repaired, replaced, or maintained by a third-party tire repair company, the tire company is responsible for compensating the injured motorists for the injuries and damages suffered in the crash. 

We are currently handling many crashes similar to this one caused by defective and/or improperly repaired tires. In one such case, our client was traveling to a job site with a colleague when the front tire failed. The driver could not maintain control of the truck, and the truck rolled over. Our client suffered paralyzing injuries. After investigating the cause of the tire failure, we determined the tire was defective and improperly repaired. We brought a lawsuit on behalf of the injured against the repair company and the tire manufacturer, alleging its mistakes caused the sudden tire failure that resulted in the crash. 

In another such case, our client was traveling with his family when a tire on their truck failed, causing the truck to roll over. Our client’s wife and new baby were killed in the crash. After investigating the crash, we determined that the tire failed because of a defect in the tire. We filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer, alleging that the mother and child were killed because the tire failed because of a defect. 

These are just two of many crashes we are currently handling or have handled over the years caused by tire failure outside the control of the driver. These are difficult crashes that leave motorists feeling helpless, unsure of how to cover medical expenses and financially adapt to a new life. 

Those that find themselves in this position can have the accident investigated by trained tire defect lawyers who can help them understand their rights. Working on a contingency fee allows injured motorists to receive legal counsel without upfront costs and only be required to pay for the attorney’s services if the attorney successfully holds the wrongdoer accountable for their injuries. 


The Ammons Law Firm represents clients nationwide in catastrophic injury and wrongful death litigation, with extensive experience in complex auto/tire defect and commercial vehicle cases. 

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