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Jordan Liermann injured in truck accident caused by sudden tire failure

PILGER – A serious accident occurred on Friday afternoon, resulting in severe injuries to a resident of Wisner.

At approximately 2:40 p.m., the Stanton County Sheriff’s Office received a report about a single vehicle incident near the Humbug Creek Bridge, located just west of Pilger on Highway 275.

A truck, driven by Jordan Liermann, 37, was heading westbound while transporting scrap metal when one of the rear tires suddenly blew out. This caused Liermann to lose control of the vehicle, which veered sideways through the northeast guardrail and plunged into the creek bed, ultimately landing on its roof.

Due to the truck partially submerging in the water, Liermann became trapped inside until rescue tools were brought in to assist with his extraction. Rope rescue equipment was then employed to lift the vehicle out of the creek bed.

As a result of the accident, the highway had to be closed for approximately an hour to facilitate the rescue operation for Liermann.

Wisner Rescue transported him to Faith Regional Health Services to receive medical attention for his injuries. It is worth noting that seatbelts were not in use at the time of the accident. Unfortunately, the vehicle has been deemed a total loss.

Innocent victims of sudden tire failure are being injured across the nation, the manufacturers must be held accountable

Unfortunately, tire failure accidents are more prevalent than commonly acknowledged, and it is crucial that the injured here and the motoring public generally acknowledge that they can occur due to factors beyond the driver’s control. Our firm is currently handling numerous cases across the nation involving similar accidents, and we understand the importance of providing support and answers to the affected families.

In one case our firm is currently handling, a 2013 Freightliner truck was traveling northbound on Interstate 85 when the front right steer axle tire failed. The tire failure caused the truck to veer to the right, collide with an embankment, and crash into a line of trees. Regrettably, the beloved husband and father driving the truck died in the crash.

In another, while on the job, a man driving a 2007 International 18-wheeler experienced a blowout in the front right tire. The tire failure caused the truck to veer into the grass, leading to a loss of control and a complete rollover onto its left side. Our client, who was pinned in the cab, suffered severe injuries, including broken bones and brain injuries.

In yet another, a California truck driver operating a 2013 Kenworth Construct T600 experienced a front left steer axle tire failure while approaching a ravine in Arizona. The sudden failure pulled the truck to the left, resulting in a crash into the ravine. Tragically, the truck caught fire immediately, causing the death of a beloved husband and father.

In another case our firm is currently handling, a 1996 Kenworth Construct T800 Dump Truck traveling eastbound on Beltway 8 in Missouri City, Texas, experienced a front right tire failure. The failure led to a collision with a barrier, causing the truck to fall off the beltway and catch fire. The driver, trapped inside, was unable to escape, resulting in his death. He leaves behind a grieving wife and children.

These heart-wrenching accidents underscore the urgent need for support and answers for the affected families. Our clients, who have experienced similar tragedies, have found solace and assistance by connecting with others who have gone through similar situations. Our

To ensure justice and provide recourse for the injured victims, a comprehensive investigation of each accident is essential. It is crucial to determine whether there was a defect in the tires or if a third party negligently repaired or replaced them. If wrongdoing is discovered, it is vital that those impacted by these incidents have the opportunity to hold the tire manufacturer accountable. They deserve to obtain the necessary compensation to move forward without the burden of financial worries and find the answers they seek.

The rising number of tire failure accidents nationwide requires holding manufacturers accountable to prevent further injuries to innocent truckers across the nation. The safety and well-being of individuals must be prioritized, and proactive measures must be taken to address the issues related to tire manufacturing and maintenance.

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