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Accident with Stopped Semi-truck Seriously Injures Truck Driver on I-29 Near Onawa, Iowa

Onawa, Iowa – A tractor-trailer driver was airlifted to the hospital after colliding with a stopped semi-tractor-trailer on Interstate 29 near the Onawa exit.

The incident unfolded at 8:36 a.m. when a semi-tractor-trailer transporting an oversized load stopped on the right-hand lane, and a second tractor-trailer struck the truck’s rear.

No further details on the second tractor-trailer driver’s condition have been provided.

Thoughts on Stopped Semi-truck Crashes

The roadways are not the place for trucks hauling oversized loads to park. It’s too dangerous. Trucking companies and oversized load drivers know this. They know stopping a fully loaded semi-truck next to a moving lane of traffic will result in accidents and injuries. Those responsible for creating this dangerous condition must be identified so the injured driver receives the answers he deserves.

First, we need to examine the driver’s actions. Why did they stop? Were they distracted? Was the oversized load secure? Did the truck suffer a mechanical issue? The employers’ actions also come into play. Did they secure the load properly? Pass regular maintenance on the truck? Was the truck up to date with inspections and had the proper permits for overload trucks? Did they provide safety training for their drivers? If the trucking company failed to do their duty to ensure the driver was equipped to drive a safe truck and failed to train their driver on safe driving properly, they may share partial fault in this terrible accident.

It will also be important to look into the actions of the company hired to escort the oversized load. Were adequate precautions taken to ensure the driver of the truck was able to complete the delivery without issue?

There are many questions that need to be answered. The injured driver deserves to know why this accident happened. It is not fair for others to create a dangerous situation and then escape consequence when a preventable crash occurs.

I wish the victim a swift recovery and the answers he deserves.


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