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Tire Blowout Accident on I-35 Sends 29-year-old Lucas Halydier and Two Others to Hospital

A rollover accident on Interstate 35 resulted in the hospitalization of two adults and a one-year-old child who were transported to Newman Regional Health on Friday. The Emporia/Lyon County EMS and Lyon County Deputies responded to the scene of this incident.

At approximately 10:58 a.m., authorities received a report of a rollover injury crash in the median of I-35 at mile marker 138. Authorities reported that 29-year-old Lucas Halydier of Hillsboro was traveling northbound on I-35 when the driver’s rear tire on his 2005 Jeep Wrangler experienced a blowout. This caused Mr. Halydier to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in it rolling over into the median.

Inside the vehicle were 25-year-old Ariel Halydier of Hillsboro and their one-year-old son.

All occupants were transported to Newman Regional Hospital due to injuries sustained during the crash.

Both front passengers were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the collision, and the one-year-old child was securely fastened in a car seat.

Further Investigation Needed to Determine Cause of Tire Blow Out Resulting in a Rollover Collision

Tire blowout accidents are a big problem. According to the NHTSA, there are approximately 2,000 tire blowout-related accidents annually, many of which result in serious injury and death.  Tire blowouts are a serious cause of concern for the safety of all motorists. Thankfully, no fatalities were reported in this incident involving the Jeep Wrangler.

In this case, the preliminary investigation points to Mr. Halydier driving responsibly with safety in mind when he experienced a tire blowout, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and rollover. There is nothing that indicates this rollover was caused by anything other than the rear tire blowing out. As such, if this tire blew out because it was defective or improperly repaired/maintained by a repair shop, the Halydier family should be provided fair and just compensation for the injuries they suffered in this devastating crash.

One cause of tire blowouts that the public often overlooks Is manufacturing defects. We have handled hundreds of cases involving defective tires, leading to accidents just like this one. It is a real problem. Manufacturers have a duty to produce tires that are safe for their useful life. This means a tire should last for the miles/years the manufacturer indicates. When a tire fails before its useful life because of defects in the tire’s design or manufacturing, the manufacturer of the tire must be held responsible for the injuries caused by the tire’s failure.

Another common cause of tire failure is poor maintenance and repair. We have all taken our vehicles to a tire shop for one reason or another with the trust that the tire expert will properly repair/replace our tires. This is the duty tire repair shops owe the motoring public. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. When a tire shop does not safely inspect, repair, replace, or install a tire that ends up failing on a public roadway, the tire company should be held responsible for the injuries caused by that crash.

As with all tire failure accidents, an investigation into the cause of the failure must be conducted by trained tire defect lawyers with experience handling these complex cases. Motorists, and the Halydier family specifically, should not bear the costs of injury and accident when the accident was wholly the responsibility of another person.


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