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Ammons Law Firm Settles Case Against Defendant Ford Motor Company After F-350 Rollover Accident in Minnesota

Houston, Texas — The renowned Ammons Law Firm has successfully reached a settlement on behalf of its client in a recent case against defendant Ford Motor Company. The terms of the settlement, including the identities of the plaintiff and specific details, have been kept confidential at the request of the parties involved.

This case, which was heard in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota, centered around a product defect and crashworthiness claim related to a 2003 Ford F-350 involved in a rollover accident. The case involved an unfortunate incident that took place in Hubbard County, Minnesota. The plaintiff was driving a Ford F-350 when the vehicle rolled onto its passenger side, undergoing six-quarter turns before coming to rest on its roof. Tragically, the roof of the F-350 collapsed during the crash.

First responders arrived at the scene to find the victim trapped and belted inside the overturned F-350. He reported to the responders that he could not feel his legs, indicating a serious injury. The plaintiff was immediately transported to CHI St. Joseph’s Health Hospital, where medical examinations revealed a cervical spine fracture and paralysis. The case highlighted the dangers posed by weak roofs and ineffective restraints in vehicles during rollover incidents, which can result in severe injuries to occupants.

Rollovers, while accounting for a relatively small number of total crashes, are known to be the leading cause of fatalities in light trucks and SUVs. Rollover injuries often stem from roof crush, where the roof collapses into the occupant’s survival space, causing further harm upon collision with structures and components within the vehicle.

Ammons Law Firm Founder and Attorney Rob Ammons emphasized the difficulty and importance of prosecuting such cases, stating, “We have witnessed the devastating impact that rollover accidents can have on individuals and their families. Holding manufacturers accountable for design defects and failures in providing adequate safety measures is crucial in preventing unnecessary harm and ensuring justice for the victims.”

The lawsuit brought attention to evidence suggesting that Ford Motor Company was aware of the risks associated with weak roofs and their potential to cause severe injuries during rollovers. Documents, including a memo dated July 8, 1968, indicated knowledge of the impact of roof collapse on occupant safety and the need for effective restraint systems. The case further highlighted the importance of post-market surveillance and collecting data to detect and correct design defects, a responsibility that the plaintiff argued Ford failed to fulfill.

The theory of liability in this case centered around the defectively designed, manufactured, and marketed rollover protection system (ROPS) of the 2003 Ford F-350. The plaintiff alleged that the weak roof structure compromised the occupant survival space, and the seat belts failed to properly restrain the occupant during the rollover, leading to injurious interaction with the collapsing roof.

The Ammons Law Firm contended that there were safer alternative designs available to Ford, which could have either prevented or significantly reduced the risk of injuries without impairing the utility of the vehicle. They argued that the absence of proper warnings and inadequate testing further contributed to the product’s unreasonably dangerous nature.

While specific details of the settlement and the identities of the plaintiff remain confidential, the successful resolution of this case underscores the Ammons Law Firm’s commitment to advocating for individuals harmed by defective products and pursuing justice on their behalf.

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