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A Texas woman was tragically killed when the Hyundai Tucson she was driving was rear-ended by another vehicle. The Ammons Law Firm has filed a lawsuit alleging that defects in the Tucson caused the death. The woman was the belted driver of a 2016 Hyundai Tucson where she was waiting to access the ramp to US 59. As she waited, properly yielding to traffic, she was hit from behind by a Ford Mustang. The lawsuit claims the Tucson is defective... Read More

Attorneys Robert Ammons and Justin Burrow concluded the products liability suit they filed on behalf of the parents of a 26-year-old man who was killed in a collision. The litigation stemmed from a crash in which a vehicle was T-boned by an SUV at an intersection. The man was seated in a reclined position, with his head outside the coverage area of the sedan’s side curtain air bag. Following the crash, the man suffered a bleeding around the brain, injuries... Read More

On behalf of a Texas woman, who suffered traumatic injuries to her head, neck and spinal cord when the 2005 Toyota Camry in which she was the driver was struck in the front left corner by a second vehicle, Attorney Rob Ammons has filed suit against Toyota. The lawsuit also names the driver of the second vehicle as a Defendant. In the lawsuit, Rob Ammons claims the Camry was defective in that it was not crashworthy.  Although the Texas woman... Read More

The Ammons Law Firm has successfully concluded a wrongful death case against a trucking company and its commercial driver on behalf of a man who left behind his wife and only child. In the crash, the driver of the tractor-trailer pulled into a four-lane highway in South Texas instead of yielding the right-of-way to traffic. Attorney Robert E. Ammons claimed the driver of the tractor-trailer was negligent in failing to yield to oncoming traffic, entering an intersection when unsafe and... Read More

The Ammons Law Firm has obtained compensation for the widow of a Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy who died of gunshot wounds in an accidental shooting, despite an insurance company’s initial refusal to pay. The deputy was at a relative’s home when the relative experienced a mental health episode and accidentally shot the man. The relative had a homeowner’s policy through the Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation that covered such incidents in the home resulting in “bodily injury” or “property damage,”... Read More

In a lawsuit brought on behalf of a Texas man (age 25) who suffered major head and facial trauma, attorneys Rob Ammons and Adam Milasincic blame a defective airbag system. The 2012 Nissan Versa in which the man was driving was traveling on a state highway when another vehicle pulled out in front of him. Upon impact, the driver airbag failed to deploy causing the man’s face to violently accelerate into the steering wheel. “This is not the first Nissan... Read More

Attorneys  have filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Texas man who was injured when an 18-wheeler impacted his Ford Explorer in a rear-end collision. According to the police report, the vehicles were traveling north on US 59 when the 18-wheeler failed to control his speed and crashed into the rear of the man’s Ford Explorer. The Ammons Law Firm claims the trucker, who was on the job at the time of the collision, was negligent and reckless in operating... Read More

Tire Placement Case

A $1,000,000.00 settlement was successfully negotiated in the wrongful death and negligence lawsuits brought by Texas attorneys Rob Ammons and Justin Burrow against an auto repair shop. The litigation stemmed from a crash in which a 2003 Ford Explorer XLT suffered a tread separation of its right rear tire, causing the vehicle to enter the median and rollover. The repair shop serviced the Explorer prior to the rollover crash and installed two new tires on the front axle of the... Read More

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