Kia Compensates Family Involved in Double-Fatality Crash

A case brought against Kia on behalf of a 30-year-old Texas man who lost his wife (29) and daughter (4) when the Kia Sorento he was driving was rear-ended by an RV has been concluded. The Ammons Law Firm filed a lawsuit against Kia, claiming that the Sorento was defective.

The man was the belted driver of the 2016 Kia Sorento traveling on a rain-soaked interstate in Texas. His wife, who was properly seatbelted, and his two children, who were secured in child seats, were passengers. When an RV traveling on the same interstate encountered traffic impeded by prior crashes on the highway, it moved out of its lane and triggered a multi-vehicle pileup in which the RV collided with the Sorento from behind.

Kia crash

In the lawsuit, attorneys Rob Ammons and Justin Burrow claimed the Sorento was defective because it was not crashworthy. Specifically, the attorneys alleged that the Sorento’s front seats failed during the collision, causing extra injuries to the man’s wife and daughter and directly causing their deaths. It was further alleged that Kia failed to properly test the Sorento line of vehicles for crashworthiness and occupant protection performance in rear-end collisions.

The Sorento’s defects worked separately and in concert to cause multiple injuries to the woman and child which resulted in their deaths. The husband and young son surviving the woman and child sought all wrongful death damages available to them under Texas law and are pleased that the litigation made necessary because of their tragic and preventable losses has been resolved.

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