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What Does a Truck Accident Attorney Do?

What Does a Truck Accident Attorney Do? 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), large trucks were involved in more than 4,800 fatal accidents in 2020. While truck drivers are relatively well-protected and could walk away unhurt after a crash, occupants of small passenger vehicles may be severely injured or even killed. 

Being involved in a severe truck accident can be a traumatic and life-altering experience. In addition to the physical and emotional toll, victims and families may face significant financial burdens from medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages. 

If you find yourself in this situation, hiring a skilled truck accident lawyer can help you receive the justice and compensation you deserve. A truck accident attorney at The Ammons Law Firm can protect your rights, pursue fair compensation, and offer you the personalized support you deserve. Contact us today to identify your next best steps in a free case review.

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How a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You Get Justice

Truck accidents can be challenging to understand, whether you are trying to figure out what caused the accident or who is liable for your damages. Moreover, there may be several at-fault parties in your claim, each with its own insurance carrier trying to pay as little as possible. An experienced truck accident lawyer can level the playing field and fight hard for the compensation you deserve. Here are just some ways an attorney can help you get justice:

Provide Legal Advice and Guidance

Navigating the legal process can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially when recovering from a serious injury. The Ammons Law Firm’s compassionate truck accident lawyers can provide the tailor-made support and guidance you need throughout the entire legal process. In the first instance, we determine whether you have a case in a free consultation. If we proceed with your claim, our legal team will take the time to explain legal proceedings in simple language and keep you informed about your case’s progress. We always have an open ear for your questions and concerns. Most importantly, our skilled truck accident attorneys can handle your claim from start to finish, allowing you to focus fully on healing. 

Build Your Case

Our truck accident lawyer will thoroughly assess the circumstances of your accident, including the extent of your injuries and their impact on your life. We can investigate the accident scene with professional investigators and gather the necessary evidence for proving your claim, such as:  

In addition, your attorney will review all critical documentation, such as medical records and insurance correspondence.

Armed with the evidence and reports from industry experts, our skilled truck accident attorneys can build a strong legal argument to establish liability and demonstrate your damages. 

Identify the Liable Parties

Most victims assume the truck driver is liable for their accident and injury. While truck driver negligence can play a part in your accident, the trucking company tends to have the primary responsibility over the actions of its drivers. Moreover, depending on the facts of your truck crash, you could have multiple defendants, such as a maintenance company, truck or part manufacturers, and others. 

An experienced truck accident attorney can discover several avenues for compensation by identifying all potentially liable parties in your claim.

Calculate and Prove Your Damages

Knowing what your case is worth is critical for recovering adequate compensation. Unfortunately, truck accident victims without professional legal representation may underestimate their case’s value. As a result, they may agree to a low settlement offer. 

Don’t let that happen to you. Remember, you may not only be entitled to reimbursement for your medical bills and car repair but also for the pain and suffering you endured due to the truck accident.

Moreover, if you are severely injured, you may have income losses and high medical expenses for years to come. A qualified truck accident lawyer knows how to evaluate your damages properly. They will take all your past, present, and future expected losses into account when seeking fair compensation on your behalf.

Handle Insurance Companies 

The insurance companies and corporate defendants responsible for compensating you may not be on your side. If you are seriously hurt, or a loved one died in a truck accident, a lot of money is at stake. An insurance company and corporate defendants may actively sabotage your claim with manipulative tactics such as asking for recorded statements. Insurers could then use your statement to reduce or deny your claim. 

Don’t risk losing out on what you deserve, and let an experienced attorney handle all communication and negotiation with the applicable insurance carriers. Your truck accident attorney can scrutinize settlement offers, ensuring they are in your best interests. If the insurer refuses a fair settlement, your truck accident attorney can file a lawsuit and fight for what you deserve in court.

Represent You Powerfully in Court

Our attorneys can use their in-depth knowledge of trucking laws, regulations, and precedents to argue your case effectively and persuasively in front of the jury and judge.

Professional legal representation, especially at trial, can be critical for the success of your case. 

At-fault parties, such as truck companies and manufacturers, have the resources to hire several lawyers to fight your case. You need a determined and skilled truck accident attorney in your corner who can protect your legal rights and ensure you are treated fairly in and out of court. 

We Want You to Win 

The Ammons Law Firm is nationally recognized as a top injury firm. Our education, experience, and resources will help you recover the compensation you deserve. Our skilled trial attorneys never shy away from holding global corporations and powerful insurance companies accountable.

Don’t struggle with a complex truck accident claim alone. Contact The Ammons Law Firm today to identify your best next steps.

When you or a loved one dies in a truck accident and need help recovering compensation to cover medical expenses and your pain and suffering, we can help you. 

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