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When an accident involves electricity, the results are oftentimes very serious injuries or even death. Contact with electricity is traumatic and the passage of an electrical current through the body can be fatal and usually involves burns, abnormal heart rhythm, and unconsciousness. The ramifications of these injuries can last a lifetime, making it imperative for victims to seek indemnity for their suffering.

At The Ammons Law Firm, we have years of experience representing individuals that have suffered from such injuries. Connecting with a Midland electrical shock accident attorney is more than merely seeking compensation for your painful experience. It’s about moving your life forward; Our Ammons Law Firm attorneys are proud of our ability to help victims in these personal injury cases.

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Understanding Electrical Shock Injuries

Each year about 1,000 accidents involving electric shocks and even non-fatal shocks can cause severe and permanent injury. The severity of electrical shock incidents depends on many circumstances. For instance, getting shocked by low-voltage equipment is usually far less damaging than direct exposure to a high-voltage power transmission line. Factors such as how wet your skin was, what type of current was involved, and how long the shock lasted all play roles in the outcome.

After being shocked, you may lose consciousness, experience seizures, or have difficulty breathing. You might also become confused or feel like your heart is beating out of rhythm. It’s critical to seek immediate medical attention after such events, but incapacitated victims may have to rely on those around them to render such aid.

Electrical Shock in Texas

Electrical shock incidents can happen almost anywhere, not just around power equipment. In Texas, history has proven that in outdoor recreation areas, schools, refineries, and restaurants, this type of injury is a constant hazard.

Does this mean that victims should just accept being shocked as an inescapable danger of modern life? No, because there’s a right and wrong way to do things. Many of the shock incidents that become Texas tragedies are preventable, and survivors deserve answers.

How Shock Injuries Happen

When people get shocked, it’s usually because they came into direct contact with an energized object or indirect contact via another electrically conductive object. For instance, children have died after touching metal surfaces on faulty appliances. Power workers have been injured by transmission lines that should have been de-energized before being repaired.

Who’s at Fault for a Shock Injury?

These examples demonstrate that shocks aren’t merely random events. Organizations or Business owners who fail to operate safe workplaces and maintain equipment properly can increase the likelihood that their staff members or patrons are injured. The same goes for manufacturers that sell poorly insulated products or devices with defective safety mechanisms. If you were injured in a workplace accident, our Midland workplace accident lawyers might be able to help you recover fair compensation.

Midland Shock Injury Lawyers Can Help You Recover

Those victimized by the other party’s lack of care have lawful options in seeking compensation and holding guilty parties accountable. To do this, you need the help of our Midland personal injury attorneys, who will help you prove the following:

  • You sustained an injury,
  • The injury was related to someone else’s inaction, negligence or lack of care, and
  • The incident caused you losses, such as financial burdens related to medical bills or unemployability.

Texas’ comparative fault laws mean that you may be found partially responsible for what happened to you. However, you should still seek justice. Pursuing a legal judgment has the potential to reduce your medical bills significantly and recompense you for pain and suffering.

In litigation cases, there are many challenges and pitfalls to avoid when going to a court trial. Our attorneys at The Ammons Law Firm have a successful track record in injury settlements. Working with a specialist on these matters helps progress the healing process.

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