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If you have suffered a serious burn injury and need the help of a trained injury lawyer to recover the compensation you need to pay medical bills and restore the life you lived before your injury, contact The Ammons Law Firm today. At The Ammons Law Firm, our burn injury attorneys have helped innocent victims of burn injuries recover full and fair compensation under the law.

Severe burns are one of the most serious injuries a person can endure. Not only does the victim experience extreme physical pain, but he or she will likely be faced with the emotional ramifications of moderate to severe disfigurement. The cost of treating burn injuries can be immense, with victims needing emergency medical attention and, in some cases, multiple surgeries and skin grafting.

If your severe burn injuries were the result of someone else’s negligence, you don’t have to face these burdens on your own. The Houston burn injury lawyers at The Ammons Law Firm can help you take legal action against the negligent party and fight for the fair compensation you are owed. While no amount of financial recovery can undo the suffering you have been through, proper compensation for your damages can allow you the ability to obtain critical medical treatment to begin the healing process.

If you or a loved one suffered a severe burn injury, contact our Houston burn injury lawyers at The Ammons Law Firm for a free consultation.

Types of Burn Injuries Our Houston Burn Injury Lawyers Handle

Although they are usually fairly painful, not all burn injuries are serious. Minor burns from accidentally brushing against a hot surface or spilling a hot but not scalding liquid on oneself typically only require at-home treatment. Serious burns, however, can be life-threatening.

Burns are categorized by severity in the following way:

  • First-Degree Burns: The mildest type of burn injury, first-degree burns generally result in some reddening of the skin and may lead to light scarring. First-degree burns can typically be treated with a topical burn treatment medication, such as an antibiotic ointment, and over-the-counter pain medication, such as ibuprofen.
  • Second-Degree Burns: Second-degree burns are more serious than first-degree burns but less severe than third-degree burns. They typically cause redness of the skin, blistering, and pain and may affect both the upper and lower levels of the skin. Professional medical treatment may be required for second-degree burns.
  • Third-Degree Burns: Considered the most severe type of burn injury, third-degree burns affect both the top and bottom layers of the skin and may even cause damage to underlying tissue and bone. Third-degree burns may cause “charring” of the skin, which can appear white or black. Immediate medical treatment is critical and may include skin grafting, intravenous antibiotics, and more.

In addition to the severity of the burn, the extent of the affected area will also play a large role in the treatment of the injury and the victim’s prognosis. Burns covering a large percentage of the body will likely require medical treatment, even if the actual degree of the burn is relatively mild.

Were Your Burn Injuries Caused by Negligence?

Whether your burns were caused by a fire, exposure to radiation, spilled liquids, or contact with electricity or chemicals, if someone else’s negligence led to the incident, you may take legal action and seek compensation for your damages.

Some examples of when you may be able to seek compensation for your burn injuries include instances in which they are the result of:

  • A defective product
  • A workplace accident
  • Auto Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Recreational Vehicle Accidents
  • A maritime or offshore accident

Contact the Burn Injury Lawyers at The Ammons Law Firm

If you believe someone else is at fault for your or your loved one’s burn injuries, reach out to our Houston burn injury lawyers today. We have helped victims of catastrophic burns fight for the maximum compensation they were owed. And, with a proven track record of more than $1 billion recovered for our clients, we are known for never backing down in settlement negotiations or at trial.

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